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Indoor Rowing Education for All

Erg Ed®, launched in 2010, is a classroom-based indoor rowing education program operating as part of Seattle Public Schools. Erg Ed brings equipment (indoor rowing machines – ergs), technology, and highly qualified instructors to middle school physical education classes so that teachers and students can access rowing without leaving the classroom. Erg Ed has been integrated into Seattle’s “Five For Life” physical education curriculum and serves as part of the physical education experience for all middle and K-8 schools in the District. Erg Ed is available to over 10,000 students at all 22 middle and K-8 schools across the city of Seattle. Thanks to the support of USRowing, Erg Ed expanded nationwide in 2015 and currently runs in the following cities: Memphis, TN, Allentown, PA, Portland, OR and Chicago, IL. Most recently, Oakland Strokes partnered with the Pocock Foundation to bring Erg Ed to Oakland, CA.

Every good rowing coach, in his own way, imparts to his men the kind of self-discipline required to achieve the ultimate from mind, heart, and body.GEORGE POCOCK


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