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06.26.2015 0

Though not a native Washingtonian, George Yeomans Pocock spent most of his life here and undoubtedly had a powerful influence on the people who knew him. This summer, the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame will recognize George Pocock not only for the individual impact he had on people, but the lasting contributions he […]

06.15.2015 0

Erg Ed™ Games 2015 Have you ever been strolling along the sidewalk with a friend and challenged them to an impromptu footrace to the next street corner? With running, it is pretty easy to throw down a quick and fun competition on the playground. This spring, Aubrey Fitzpatrick (Interim Erg Ed™ Program Coordinator) tried to […]

05.22.2015 0

  This past weekend marked the highlight of the spring racing season for almost all young rowers of the Pacific Northwest. In Vancouver, Washington, 25 rowing clubs competed in 60 different events with a total of 633 different boat entries. Amidst the masses of high school students, anxious coaches, eager parents, and officials, sometimes the […]

Evening on the Docks

Harmony, balance, and rhythm. They're the three things that
stay with you your whole life.GEORGE POCOCK


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