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Pocock Rowing Camps
Have fun and get fast on the water this summer.
Renton Summer Rowing
Join a 2 week rowing camp on Lake Washington!
Erg Ed Grant Now Open
Click to apply for Erg Ed at your school.
Corporate Cup Regatta
Compete in a race against local Seattle companies!
Need a Rowing Scholarship?
All youth athletes can receive financial aid to row.

Learn to row today! Join a program and start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle.


03.23.2016 0

At the 8th Annual Benefit Breakfast on March 18th, guests walked through a gallery, “Journey through Rowing”, which illustrated the path that many young people in our region take as they learn to row. Learning to Row at School Artist: Margaret Nicoisia In the first semester of the β€˜15-’16 school year, about 2,000 students learned […]

03.07.2016 0

β€œOn the water, sitting bow seat in an eight, my musical world and childhood merged; rowing in a team boat was the closest thing that’s ever come to playing chamber music, like being in a string quartet, that I’d ever experienced without actually playing music,” Kim Zabelle, concert violinist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet, reflected […]

02.12.2016 0

Indoor rowing is a numbers game. Every 2 seconds, the athlete faces down the cold hard results of their stroke. Exact power output stares them in the face. For most racers, this means about 230 readouts over the course of a 2000 meter race: 230 chances to succeed or fail, 230 chances to hit your […]

Harmony, balance, and rhythm. They're the three things that
stay with you your whole life.GEORGE POCOCK


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