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The Case For Rowing
What if every kid had the opportunity to row?
The Pocock Rowing Center
Seattle: Learn to row, train for a race, or use the gym.
The Renton Rowing Center
Renton: Row, Paddle, Play. Get on the water today!
Row to the Future
No student turned away for lack of funds. Apply today!
Erg Ed
School is starting and so is the 5th year of Erg Ed!

Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.


10.16.2014 0

Celebrating 30 Years Over the course of several years, many people worked together to establish the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and eventually build the George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center, a building finished in 1994, ten years after the Foundation began. This year, 2014, marks a milestone for the Foundation. Thirty years of growth and evolution […]

09.30.2014 0

Rowers understand their sport to be transformative, laced with challenge and little reward beyond ephemeral personal satisfaction. The merits of the sport are not based on what a person gives in pursuit of mastery, but in what a person gains.

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The Seattle Row for the Cure started 15 years ago after a group of rowers from Seattle traveled to Portland’s event. The Seattle group decided to start a satellite event and the Seattle Row for the Cure was born!

  • 11.01.2014
    Green Lake Frostbite Regatta
  • 11.02.2014
    Head of the Lake
  • 11.08.2014
    PRC Work Party

Harmony, balance, and rhythm. They're the three things that
stay with you your whole life.GEORGE POCOCK

Remembering Warren

He was an enthusiastic rower and a stalwart supporter of the sport.

Start rowing in Seattle!

Learn to row at the Pocock Rowing Center or train with a team.

Row ~ Paddle ~ Play!

Rowing Programs for kids and adults at the Renton Rowing Center.

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