USRowing Selects Tulsa, OK and Edmonds, WA as the 2020/2021 Erg Ed Grant Recipients

SEATTLE, Wash. The George Pocock Rowing Foundation and USRowing are pleased to announce the 2020-2021 Erg Ed Grant Award. Erg Ed, the school-based indoor rowing program of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, will be expanding to Tulsa, OK and Edmonds, WA. This grant will provide indoor rowing equipment, an indoor rowing school curriculum, program support, and comprehensive teacher training throughout the next five years.

“We are excited to bring Erg Ed to the Tulsa (Okla.) and Edmonds (Wash.) school districts,” said Susan Smith, USRowing Interim Chief Executive Officer. “Through our long-standing partnership with the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, we have been able to introduce the sport to thousands of kids with diverse backgrounds, promoting an active lifestyle and having a positive impact on their lives.”

Edmonds School District Physical Education teacher Tracy Wertman shares her excitement about the news of the program coming to Edmonds in the fall. "I love rowing, and it's a total body workout too! It's fun to introduce cool, new lifetime sports to young people. The Erg Ed program will add depth to our Physical Education programs. Our students will enjoy learning all about rowing, and that may spark their interest to join a local rowing club. Thank you USRowing and the George Pocock Rowing Foundation for this valuable teaching and learning opportunity".

Tulsa Public Schools' Superintendent Deborah A. Gist adds, “We know that physical education plays an important role in the development of students, which is why we are grateful to US Rowing and the George Pocock Rowing Foundation’s program grant for providing the support we need to expand our after school and physical education rowing opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year. This grant will give our students a chance to learn about and participate in rowing events, and offers an excellent partnership with the rowing community to empower, mentor, and build positive relationships with our students. We hope to see many students discover a new passion that can help improve their health, wellness, and future opportunities.”

Launched in 2010 as part of Seattle Public Schools’ physical education curriculum, the Pocock Foundation’s Erg Ed program brings rowing into schools. The program uses rowing to teach teamwork, exercise intensity and goal setting in a fun, highly engaging, curriculum that is aligned with national PE standards. Erg Ed is introducing thousands of students to the sport of rowing every year across nine states and 17 public school districts. Additionally, Erg Ed doesn’t just introduce rowing to students, but also connects them to resources and support that helps them overcome barriers to participation in the sport.

“Introducing all students in the public school system to a sport that we at the Pocock Foundation believe can change lives creates new opportunities for everyone involved. Not only does the Erg Ed program provide a fun, engaging unit in PE, it also connects students to their community, where they can access this beneficial lifetime sport,” shares Heather Alschuler, Strategic Initiatives Director at the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. “Being able to bring this new opportunity to the students of the Tulsa and Edmonds School Districts is very exciting. Students will not only develop new skills, but will also be given a path to participating in a fun, beneficial, healthy activity. We are enthusiastic to be a part of this growth.”

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Wash. Through building and supporting rowing programs and facilities, the Pocock Foundation believes that rowing can change lives and is working to forever change the way youth find, start and stay rowing.

For questions about USRowing, please contact Brett Johnson, Senior Director, Programs & Communications, at (609) 751-0707 or

For questions about Erg Ed and the GPRF, please contact Heather Alschuler, Strategic Initiatives Director, George Pocock Rowing Foundation, at (425) 918-0900 or

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