Today is not a great day for our organization

Today is not a great day for our organization. This morning, the foundation board informed 7 of its 45 staff members that their positions were going to be furloughed or eliminated on June 30. This action was taken purely for financial reasons in response to the projected $1M+ reduction in donations and revenue due to Covid-19. These people are talented, smart and committed to our organization. We thank them or all they do for our sport and for the youth and communities we serve. 

The team at the George Pocock Foundation remains focused on its core mission and programs. We are also supporting boathouse communities in the Northwest (and the nation) survive the pandemic and seize the moment to lay bare and address the realities of systemic racism in our sport.  We couldn’t be prouder of who they are, what they stand for and what they do.

P.S.  Is your organization looking for some talented leaders? Let us know and will pass it on to our people who are leaving.  

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