The Pocock Foundation Roots

Celebrating 30 Years

Over the course of several years, many people worked together to establish the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and eventually build the George Pocock Memorial Rowing Center, a building finished in 1994, ten years after the Foundation began.

This year, 2014, marks a milestone for the Foundation. Thirty years of growth and evolution have brought it to a place of renewed vision for rowing in the Northwest. There seems to be no better time than a 30th year birthday celebration to invite all the members of the family, the very roots of the Foundation, to come together again and celebrate all that has been accomplished and all that is on the horizon.

This Sunday, founding members and their families gathered to reminisce and commemorate the occasion. The event had the feel of a giant family reunion, one full of history and fond remembrances. Stanley Pocock shared memories of his father and sentiments that prompted his desire to help establish a foundation in honor of his dad. Thomas Hull, whose father, Lyman Hull, served as a founding board member, shared his appreciation for the work and efforts of the Foundation. He ended his remarks with optimistic and eager anticipation of future growth, “If this is where the Foundation has grown in the last thirty years, think of what we can accomplish in the next thirty years.”

Photo #1: Susan Ayrault, the wife of founding member, Dan Ayrault, and Sue Pocock enjoy a moment together after the meal.

Photo #2: Stan Pocock, a founding member, shares some remembrances of his dad as he speaks about the beginnings of the Foundation.

Photo #3: Al Mackenzie, Founder, and Ted Schoulberg share a laugh.

Photo #4: Lucius Bigelow, a founding member, explains some finer points to Ted McCagg and Warren Perkins.

Photo #5: Penny Lewis, a founding member, takes time to chat after brunch.

Photo #6: Bonnie and Jim Buckley pose for a picture with Thomas Hull, son of Lyman Hull, a founding member of the Foundation.

Photo #7: Current board president, Jenn O’Brien, and current board member, Bruce Lamka, stand together as the event comes to a close.

More pictures can be found on Facebook here.

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