Science of Rowing to donate November monthly membership profits to the GPRF AMBT Inclusion Fund

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation's A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund will be the proud recipient of Science of Rowing's new monthly membership profits in November.

About Science of Rowing

Science of Rowing is the resource for coaches and rowers of all levels. Each month, the team reads dozens of academic journals for research on rowing training and performance, delivers summaries and takeaways from the most relevant articles, and discusses practical applications via audio roundtables, with supporting videos and graphic content in each issue. Read more about Science of Rowing here: https://scienceofrowing.com/

About the AMBT Inclusion Fund At the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, we believe that rowing transforms lives, and have established A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund to support education, scholarship, and mentorship programs to get more kids rowing on the water, focusing on non-traditional communities and communities of color where youth face barriers to participation in the sport.

Science of Rowing and AMBT Inclusion Fund partnership

Science of Rowing is committed to helping initiatives that provide rowing opportunities for more people from diverse backgrounds. A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund focuses on that exact cause. Inspired by Arshay Cooper’s story, memoir, and film, the team at Science of Rowing hopes that creating new opportunities will inspire and transform many more lives to come. Science of Rowing aims to drive improvement in rowing performance for coaches and rowers of all levels and backgrounds. They believe that inclusivity and diversity are two key areas where rowing must improve. 

Science of Rowing will donate 100% of new monthly membership proceeds during the month of November to the AMBT Inclusion Fund, with the hope that by standing in solidarity with this initiative, it will encourage more people to contribute and take action. Team members Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe DeLeo are excited and honored to support an incredible effort that’s just getting started.

Members get access to all previously published issues of Science of Rowing, so if you join in November, you’ll get three issues for the price of one while contributing to a great cause.

Let's grow this sport together and improve the accessibility.

Will you help us transform the lives of more young athletes?

By purchasing a new membership for Science of Rowing or directly donating to A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund, you support youth development initiatives, increase diversity in the sport, and change lives through the sport of rowing - thank you.

The team at Science of Rowing

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