San Diego Teachers Ready to Row With Erg Ed

PE Teachers in San Diego are up and running with Erg Ed after completing their first Erg Ed Teacher Training on October 8, funded through the USRowing Erg Ed Grant Program. We caught up with our very own Erg Ed National Program Director, Heather Alschuler, to see how things are going in San Diego.

Q. When you lead an Erg Ed Teacher Training, what the most important things teachers need to know?

Heather: First and foremost, the most important take-away is how to row properly and with confidence. The Erg Ed Curriculum provides an amazing structure for learning and teaching, but teachers need time to practice and think through the movement so they can lead students to do the same thing. We want them to leave the training with the confidence so that they can teach indoor rowing properly to their students. I also want to educate and inform teachers about the opportunities for continued participation that exist within their community. The goal is create new advocates for rowing within each and every Erg Ed teacher!

Q. What is the best part of the training from your perspective?

Heather: The best part of the training was seeing how excited the teachers were about rowing and the rowing opportunities that are available to their students. Most of them did not know anything about rowing or what their community offered before the training. More than half of the teachers at the teacher training drove directly from the school down to the closest boathouse to check it out and find out more about how they could bring their students to some of the rowing camps and field trips that are available to them. We were able to create 19 positive advocates of rowing within just a few hours of introducing them to the sport! It’s so fun to see to potential of the reach that they have.

Q. What are teachers saying about their experience in the Erg Ed Teacher Training?

"Learning the rowing stroke and being introduced to a new curriculum that will be new and exciting for my students!"

"This is something different and special. My students can continue this sport well after we finish participating in it during our PE unit."

"I had no idea that rowing was so accessible to our students! I’m looking forward to being able to get some of them involved in this new sport!"

Q. What are you looking forward to most for Erg Ed in San Diego?

Heather: The community support in San Diego is awesome! I’m really looking forward to seeing the pieces required to create a truly accessible sport for all, to all fall into place here. Within the next year or two there are going to be more kids rowing on the water, from the Sweetwater School District. Rowing is relatively unknown in the south suburbs of SanDiego, yet San Diego/National City has set it’s self up to be very successful is recruiting these student athletes into this sport. With the introduction of rowing through Erg Ed with their rock start teachers, and then the access of learning how to row on the water with the awesome opportunities that Community Rowing of San Diego (CRSD) have created for them, there are going to be lives changed and new rowers formed.

Q. What are some of the things participating teachers are looking forward to most because of Erg Ed?

Heather: Teachers are excited about so many different things, including having something new and exciting in their schools that is also really fun! Teachers are also shared their enthusiasm for using the rowing machines with their students and presenting new opportunities to their students that could lead to some pretty life changing turns.

Thanks to Heather Alschuler for sharing about her experience with Erg Ed and for leading the charge to make rowing more accessible for youth around the country. Questions about Erg Ed? Email Heather@pocockfoundation.org.

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