Rowing Researcher: Erg Ed and Student Services Analyst Summary 2020-21

Over the course of this year, our VISTA intern, Michael Green, has collected, synthesized, evaluated, and presented data to inform best practices for student outreach, athlete recruitment and retention across youth programs at Erg Ed and Row to the Future locations. Beginning with an audit of the current evaluation system, Michael has worked with Kayla Cloud and other staff members to improve the evaluation process for our nationwide programs. The long term goal for this position is to put a system in place to better account for the demographics and impact of youth participation in rowing programs and improve our outreach and retention measures. Michael has been key in helping us build the bridge between the classroom and the boathouse.

The first tasks that Michael completed included:

  • A review of current survey practices and methods of assessment.

  • Boathouse Partner Survey

  • Erg Ed Survey

  • A comparison of current systems of data collection to peer programs.

  • AmericaScores

  • FirsTee

  • Upower

  • Cascade Bike Club

  • Outdoors for all, etc.

He has since:

  • Met with each Boathouse Partner

  • Met with each Erg Ed Lead

  • Developed a new survey for the Boathouse Partner Snapshot Survey

  • Collated data about our erg loan efforts in the fall and winter of 20-21

  • Digitized all upcoming survey collection for existing Erg Ed and Row to the Future initiatives

  • Edited the existing Erg Ed Survey to capture understanding and interest in continuing with rowing programs or accessing more information about rowing programs in their area

Future projects include:

  • Collating and presenting data from the new Snapshot Survey for a focus group

  • Editing that survey to increase efficiency and data sorting

  • Meet with focus group BH leaders to cover information

  • Distribute survey to remaining boathouses in preparation for the fall season

  • Develop a schedule of survey distribution and collection

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