Rewards of Team Building

“In rowing, it’s ok to look back as long as you keep moving forward.”Arshay Cooper, award winning author, motivational speaker, and rower

Rowing is a powerful example of teamwork at its best. For a boat to move smoothly and efficiently, the crew members must adapt to each other, communicate clearly, and be accountable. Rowing embodies many of the same elements present in a positive and productive workplace:

Trust – Boats can feel tippy and little bit scary, but as a team you balance the boat together and trust one another to move with you safely from point A to point B.

Synergy – Rowing and synergy are nearly synonymous. Through good communication and active participation, your team immediately understands how much faster the boat will go if you work together.

Healthy competition – Like most sports, rowing is competitive, but what makes it unique is that there can be no “superstars.” The best rowers are the ones who are competitive with themselves and ultimately inspire those around them.

Patience – Moving a boat takes work and it requires all hands on deck. Often times the boat does not feel balanced. It is up to each person in the boat to find that balance or “set” as we call it in rowing terms.

Fun – There’s a reason rowers wake up before 5:00 a.m., and that is because rowing is a lot of fun; it leaves you feeling accomplished and excited to get back on the water!

According to HRTechnologist, “Building teams is not just about putting together the best of people and leveraging their strengths. It is about open communication, trust and belongingness, going above and beyond one’s individual goals and realizing that a higher, shared experience is important.”

Our team building sessions provide a safe space to learn about the sport of rowing, challenge yourself, and bond with your colleagues. Each Corporate Team Building experience includes a catered breakfast with land and water based activities to get you introduced to the sport of rowing by highly trained coaches. Add-ons include lunch, t-shirts, happy hour, and more.

A testimonial from a former participant: “Our rowing experience at the Pocock Center was one of the most effective team development activities I’ve ever done. The real challenge was for a group of leaders who are experts at their jobs, to suddenly become beginners- and sometimes awkward beginners. I think that we all grew as individuals and teammates from the experience.”

If you are interested in a team building session with us, please fill out an interest form or contact the coordinator at madison@pocockfoundation.org.

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