Pocock Perkin Recovery Grant Awardees

Through a generous donation from the Perkin Fund and guided by their vision of a more sustainable, accessible, and inclusive rowing community, the George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) is pleased to have been able to offer the Pocock Perkin Recovery Grant Program to boathouses located in the states of WA and OR.

Originally designed to build youth scholarship capacity as a matching fund grant, the GPRF pivoted the grant focus for this year due to COVID-19. This year’s recipients have been selected with the vision of helping boathouses sustain operations, so as to maintain capacity and continue to have a positive impact on youth rowers within the WA and OR region.

The GPRF is honored to announce that the following boathouses have been selected to receive funding from the 2020 Pocock Perkin Recovery Grant Program:

  • Vancouver Lake Rowing Club

  • Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association

  • Rogue Rowing

  • Clam Island Rowing

  • Rose City Rowing Club

  • Everett Rowing Association

  • South Eugene Rowing Club

  • Olympia Area Rowing

  • Renton Rowing Center

For more information about the GPRF and the other grants and support we offer, please visit our website (www.pocockfoundation.org/gprf-grant-program)

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPR

F) is a non-profit based in Seattle, Wash. Through building and supporting rowing programs and facilities, the GPRF believes that rowing can change lives, therefore is working to forever change the way youth find, start and stay rowing.

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