Pocock-Perkin Recovery Grant Awardees: Impact Report

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is extremely grateful for the generosity of the Perkin Fund and their continued support of our organization, mission, and programs. This year, boathouses around the country faced shutdowns and potentially organization-crippling circumstances as a result of the pandemic. The Perkin funding dollars helped boat houses throughout the Pacific Northwest continue to further the GPRF’s mission of helping kids find, start, and stay rowing, despite incredible uncertainty.

Boathouse Program Impact:

Silverdale, WA

“It is wonderful being out on the water and focusing on a sport that builds all of the skills we need to make it through this – resilience, trust, balance, strength.” Impact: CIR is a small program, and without the Perkin funding, they reflected that they may have been forced to restart their program entirely, due to the pandemic. This grant specifically covered the stipend for two junior coaches, gas, and repairs needed for their coaching launch. In addition, the program was able to purchase another single, growing their small program in this difficult time. Most importantly, they shared that funding boosted the program’s morale, and made it stronger.

Everett, WA

“[Our new single] has been on the water serving athletes daily!”

Impact: Large-scale Boeing layoffs had ripple effects on ERA’s membership and community. This grant kept the middle-school program fees low, which otherwise would have doubled. The offset in program costs made it possible to support every kid who sought program financial aid. In addition, these funds were used to buy a Maas single for the program – a stable boat for all skill levels, which has been on the water every day since.

Olympia, WA

“[The support] is creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for all athletes.”

Impact: OAR has a goal of “an erg in every home,” which became especially important when the pandemic hit. This grant was applied to purchase four new Concept2 ergs for membership loans. Excitement about receiving this grant inspired more generosity, encouraging fundraising within their community, and leading to the purchase of additional rowing machines. Program participation numbers remained consistent since re-opening, while also bringing new athletes into the program.

Port Angeles, WA

“This has proven instrumental to continuing the access we are providing young athletes at this time.”

Impact: OPRA’s boathouse continues to be out of commission for daily use, due to park construction. However, the program pivoted during the summer, utilizing the Perkin grant funds to provide rowing camps at the Lake Crescent Lodge, offering a unique venue for their athletes to row and benefit from the sport. OPRA continues to face significant challenges, but is using this opportunity to plan for the future and is grateful for the financial support.

Renton, WA

“Renton is incredibly thankful for the gift of this grant, and for supporting our youth rowers during the pandemic.”

Impact: RRC relies on income generated from kayak and paddleboard rentals each summer. Through providing participant access to Lake Washington, these activities help fund RRC’s programs. With the assistance of the Perkin grant, RRC was able to employ six summer interns to oversee the rentals program. This kept water access to the community open and convenient, and generated income to grow their youth programs. This funding has been pivotal to the continuation and success of this boathouse, and they’ve been able to keep kids rowing in singles because of it.

Ashland, OR

“We are so pleased to be able to offer an affordable, consistent, and safe option to the youth of our community.” Impact: Rogue’s community and city have been severely devastated by both the pandemic, and the recent Alameda Fire. Despite these challenges, and with the assistance of this grant, Rogue has been able to continue programming, and offer scholarships to maintain their diverse community. In addition, they have brought in 20 new athletes. Rogue rowing shared that 30% of the athletes on this team are on program scholarships.

Portland, OR

“We recognize the generosity of these foundations, and will continue to mirror the spirit with which we received the grant.”

Impact: Since the beginning of the pandemic, RCRC has worked tirelessly to promote youth rowing and opportunities for connection. While they were able to offer beginner classes in the summer, they would not be able to in the fall. This grant sustained the beginning-rowing program through the fall, and helped get 40 new kids on the water. This funding helped promote RCRC’s core mission of serving their community, and continuing to introduce rowing to everyone.

Eugene, OR

“With rowers required to commute [30 minutes] to our boathouse, the flexible schedule has allowed more rowers to continue participating.”

Impact: SERC focuses on increasing accessibility. Since public pools have been closed, SERC used the Perkin grant to purchase low-profile PFDs that can be used while rowing, eliminating the need for swim tests, while promoting safety. The funds have enabled the club to offer $1,000 in scholarship funding this fall, and they have set aside more scholarship funding for the spring. In addition, SERC has been able to hire more coaching support, and now offers programming twice a day instead of once, which has resulted in double the number of athletes participating in their program.

Vancouver, WA

“[These funds] kept the program accessible to a broader range of youth athletes.” Impact: VLRC faced a logistical and funding crisis due to the pandemic. Funds from this grant were used to hire two assistant coaches and a dock master, both of whom are crucial to maintaining water practice efficiency and athlete safety. As a result, programming was able to restart without an increase in registration fees, keeping program enrollment similar to pre-pandemic levels.

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