Meet the Team: Michael Green, VISTA Erg and Student Services Data Analyst

One of the newest members of our GPRF Team, Michael Green joined us late last year, but has already made a big splash here! Learn more about this Dartmouth College Crew heavyweight team member, and his advice on becoming a better rower.

How long have you been part of the GPRF?

I joined GPRF in mid November of 2020.

How does your position impact the GPRF?

I am serving as a data analyst for the Erg Ed and Student Services programs that we have at the foundation. I am evaluating how we evaluate the success of these programs, and am hoping to ensure that these programs have outcomes that align with the vision and mission of the foundation. Additionally, I manage our Erg Ed Instagram page.

Where and when did you start rowing?

I started rowing in January of 2018, the winter of my freshman year at Dartmouth College. Currently, I am a member of the heavyweight crew team.

What is your favourite memory of rowing?

I love fall head races, although competing against crews outside of the boathouse is really fun, we have an event at Dartmouth called the "Gardner Cup" which is a competition between each classes across the squads in mixed lineups.

Who inspires you the most in the sport?

I would say my head coach Wyatt Allen who won Olympic Gold in the 8+ at the 2004 Olympics and Silver in 2008. Wyatt also won Diamond Sculls in 2001. He walked on as a novice at UVA (a club team) and had a very decorated career. Wyatt also rowed with two people I admire a lot and had the chance to meet virtually, Aquill Abdullah and David Banks. They both also have very decorated careers, and I resonate with the struggles they probably had as black men in a predominantly white sport.

In life? I would probably say my mom, she immigrated from Jamaica with her family when she was 7 years old and really worked hard to achieve so many things. We aren't alike at all personality wise but I really admire her tenacity and level of attention to detail.

How has your rowing experience changed during COVID-19. I am rowing exclusively in the single and erg right now. I actually enjoy sculling a lot just for training, but competition in large boats is something that I dramatically miss.

What advice would you give to someone considering rowing for the first time? I would say that consistency is more important than individual performance. Being consistent in your training should lead to steady gains and ultimately make you a better rower. You don't figure everything out at once, and you don't get really fit out of nowhere. It's all about building up your technique and fitness through consistent training.

Do you have a favourite workout? On the erg probably 10"9"8"7"...1" w/ minute rest in between each interval at rate 20. Very rewarding to see the intervals get smaller over the course of the workout.

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