Learn to Row and Race to Win at the Corporate Cup Regatta

You paddle to the start line alongside five other crews. You’re slightly nervous, but excited at the same time. Looking all around the shell, you see your competition preparing on either side of and in front of you. As you stare down the open water behind you, you can barely make out the shore where your friends and family will be cheering you on in a few short minutes.

“Two minutes!” the official yells.

You take in the sound of waves lapping against the shell, the crisp summer air hitting your face, and the sunlight shining down onto your head and shoulders. “When will I get the chance to feel this again?” you ask yourself.

“One minute!”

In your shell, you see your teammates, your friends. You think back to all the training sessions on the ergs and on the water together, trying to gather all the bits of coaching advice you can. Squaring, feathering, blade height, staying in time…

“All crews, attention!”

Now is when you put these all together. This is what you’ve all been working towards.

“Ready all … ROW!”

Everyone’s oars hit the oarlocks, and before you know it, you’re flying down the course at your very first regatta.

Ever wanted to experience the exhilaration of racing at a rowing regatta? At this years’ Corporate Cup Regatta, you and your colleagues could get this chance to learn how to row and race at Green Lake’s annual Summer Splash Regatta.

Learn the basics of rowing technique, from timing and bladework to gaining race-winning speed, in just one week of training. Work with top-tier coaches at a premier training facility and row on the beautiful waters of Seattle, otherwise known as Rowtown, USA.

Testimonials from past participants:

"I love participating in the Corporate Cup and watching our team from the Windermere office come together and find their rhythm out there on the water!" -Franny Wood, Windermere Real Estate

The Corporate Cup is such a great opportunity to learn a new sport and engage in some exhilarating competition with friends, and there’s no better place to learn to row than in Seattle!” -Monica Firmani, raced with Lether & Associates

Not only will you get to learn and compete in the ultimate team sport (and get some free swag!), you’ll do so for a great cause. Half of your team fee will support the GPRF’s Row to the Future initiative, which works to break down barriers to youth finding and participating in rowing. Row to the Future brings erg training to eleven public school districts around the country, provides scholarships to over one hundred youth rowers across the Northwest, and partners with local boathouses to get more kids on the water.

If you want to learn how to row, challenge yourself alongside your colleagues, experience racing right here in Seattle, and support a great local cause, register for the Corporate Cup Regatta today!

Register here today: https://www.pocockfoundation.org/2019-corporate-cup

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