Kicking Things Off With The Seattle Sounders

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Last week, Row to the Future volunteers got together to celebrate and kick off the 11th Annual Row to the Future Benefit Breakfast while cheering on the Seattle Sounders!

Thank you to the Schlaepfer Family, longtime RttF supporters (more than 10 years!), for generously donating their suite to help us celebrate the heart and soul of Row to the Future. We rarely get a chance to adequately recognize volunteers because they do so much throughout the year. And yet, without volunteers, this organization would cease to operate (#truth).

Volunteer Hours Equivalent to 6+ Full Time Staff

Each year, more than 12,500 volunteer hours are given to help more kids get connected to the sport of rowing - this is equivalent to six full time staff! Some volunteers contribute 5 hours a year, while others are giving that much time in one week. If you stop to think about the cost savings and overall impact of this kind of investment, it's easy to see the difference made by our committed group of volunteers. What kinds of things do volunteers do? Volunteers complete all kinds of tasks, ranging from board service to data entry to equipment maintenance to tutoring to coaching. Thank you for all you do to serve youth through rowing. We would be lost without you! Here are just a few pictures of our volunteer celebration. We think you're awesome!

Help Kids Row. Save The Date.

Here's a short highlight video from the match, which secured the Sounders spot in the playoffs. What a match!

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