Helloooo 2020!

Happy New Year! Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? We set some exciting goals for 2020, and we're excited to share them with you:

Connect 40,000 youth to the sport of rowing, and ultimately, get more of them learning to row on the water.

Whether it’s expanding the number of students who learn about rowing in their P.E. classroom through Erg Ed, or growing the number of families supported by our comprehensive need-based scholarship program... whether it's supporting the launch of new rowing programs or increasing the capacity at existing boathouses... whether it's underwriting the cost of training for motivated youth rowing coaches or inspiring new communities to take an interest in rowing for the first time... the George Pocock Rowing Foundation is working hard regionally and nationally to expand opportunities for kids to get on the water. Why? Our shared belief that rowing transforms lives.

We may compete on the water, but boathouse and communities are working together in collaboration with the GPRF to pass on the gift of rowing to the next generation. Next month, we will launch a nationwide search for a dynamic new Executive Director who will continue to expand our support and reach. They will be a leader who believes, like us, that every kid who wants to row should have the opportunity, regardless of the circumstances or barriers they may face.

Celebrate the achievements of our outgoing Executive Director (and keep him involved even after he departs later this year).

Matt Lacey has led the charge in innovating the way kids find, start, and stay rowing for the past 11 years. In his first year, the George Pocock Rowing Foundation served 50 kids. This past year, the GPRF's impact reached almost 22,000 students through an expanding Erg Ed program, 600 students participating in our youth programs at Renton Rowing Center and Pocock Rowing Center, and 119 youth scholarships throughout the Northwest. WOW!

While understandable that Matt would be ready for a change and a break after his years of hard work, don’t worry! He is unwavering in his support for our mission and future, and will continue to find ways to stay involved in our work. For now, be on the lookout for opportunities to celebrate his achievements this spring. Be sure to get your ticket to join us at our upcoming Row to the Future Benefit Breakfast on Friday, March 27. He would love to thank you personally for your support over the years.

Expand our Board of Directors (to keep pace with our growth and give greater voice to the region).

Our Board of Directors will benefit from having more voices represent and champion the full scope of the GPRF's work. We also just need more hands to move our mission forward. If you are a smart and collaborative community member, inspired by our mission, and looking to make a meaningful difference - board service might be in your future. Whether you want to pay it forward, pay it back, or you simply love what we do, we would love to talk with you.

Get better at sharing our impact and gratitude with our fan base (and keep expanding it!).

Sometimes we are so busy pushing forward that we don’t always take as much time as we would like to thank and celebrate the people who make it happen. We want to do a better job of celebrating our successes, thanking the people who helped us get there, and sharing the stories that remind all of us at the GPRF of why it matters to introduce more kids to this sport.

Our new Director of Development, Kim Cuevas, understands and is committed to bringing us closer together to celebrate and support the positive impact we have on youth. Make sure to introduce yourself to Kim at your first opportunity (if she doesn’t get to you first). And, for the record, we can’t say it enough—Thank YOU for all you do for the kids we serve, our sport and the GPRF.

These are the kind of resolutions you keep, so we look forward to sharing our progress on each of them in the months ahead. Thanks to you, 2020 will be our best and biggest year yet!

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