Hard Work For Youth At Renton Rowing

You don’t last long in a rowing shell or on the erg if you don’t breathe hard, sweat profusely, and (more than likely) shed some blood. This sport is built on the foundations of hard work. The new Renton Rowing Center, established just over a year ago, has also been built on hard work. Now, through the help of passionate coaches, well-loved rowing equipment, and countless volunteer hours, young rowers at Renton are experiencing the hard work of rowing in ways they never have before.

Vaughn Turner, a 14 year-old in the High School rowing program at Renton speaks of his experience this fall, “I have been on basketball and track teams… But the hardest I have ever worked out is this past fall season at rowing.” Vaughn rowed with the Renton Juniors Team as they flew down the course this fall in their first ever head to head race at Green Lake Frostbite.

Though the crews from Renton didn’t land on top or come home laden with trophies, they counted themselves victors for the day because of the work they had accomplished together. “I surprised myself by how much I could accomplish when our team did well at our first regatta. Even though we didn’t win we still did well for our first time. We participated in two races and we improved and did even better as a team in the second race,” Vaughn reflects after the end of the season.

When asked what motivates him as an athlete in the sport, Vaughn says it’s the pure fun of rowing, the escape of being on the water, “the way that I feel after I work out,” and “to make the team better”. As Vaughn grows into his rowing career, whether it takes him to college or the Olympics, or just through the next season of life, the lessons of hard work will doubtless stick with him.

Juniors Coach and Operations Manager, Kate Berni shares, “Vaughn’s energy and passion to improve himself as an athlete is… infectious to me as a coach and [to] his follow teammates.” During this Holiday season and as winter training season begins, we hope this story proves infectious to you as well. Be encouraged as you start the long haul of workouts ahead!

As you are encouraged by the larger community of rowers around you, consider spreading that encouragement to others with a gift to the Pocock Foundation during the Holidays and as our fiscal year comes to a close.

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