Hands On...Our New Website

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Fall is here and change is in the air!

For the Pocock Foundation, this means new offices and a brand new website. In the past few years, our team of staff and network of programs expanded so much that we simply outgrew our old office and website. The work is the same...with a clearer message and fresher look (we hope).

Our new site has been beta tested by a small group of people (you know who you are and thank you!), however, we know there will be bumps and hiccups along the way.

If you say something that doesn't look quite right or is confusing, please reach out to us.

At its core, the Pocock Foundation is dedicated to helping youth get on the water, regardless of circumstance. You'll notice the new website is youth-focused and this is because every dollar we raise goes to supporting youth in rowing. Ensuring kids have what they need in order to row is the ultimate goal and we are thrilled for you to be part of it.

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the Pocock Rowing Center and Renton Rowing Center webpages. Not to worry! Both boathouses have their own sites and are easily navigated to through the Pocock Foundation's new site. In fact, all of our partner boathouses (six and counting) are just a click away in the new site.

Special thanks to our amazing team of staff and volunteers for this "all hands on deck"project. The following individual went above and beyond to make this site happen.


Zoe Vais, Communications Specialist


Matt Lacey, Executive Director

Karla Landis, Deputy Director

Patty Finney, Business Administrator

Padraic McGovern, Senior Boathouse Director

Kate Berni, Boathouse Director

Heather Alschuler, National Erg Ed Program Director

Morgan Utt, Seattle/Renton Erg Ed Program Director

Delany Pelz, Outreach Coordinator

Madison Emily Kerst, Events Coordinator

Pocock Foundation Board of Directors

Pocock Rowing Center Management Committee

Renton Rowing Center Management Committee

Bryan Vais

Jenn Murrow

Nathan Castek

Laura Derwin


Adrienne Moore

Sara Mosiman

Emily Smalligan

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