George Yeomans Pocock - Hall of Fame Induction

Though not a native Washingtonian, George Yeomans Pocock spent most of his life here and undoubtedly had a powerful influence on the people who knew him. This summer, the State of Washington Sports Hall of Fame will recognize George Pocock not only for the individual impact he had on people, but the lasting contributions he made to the State of Washington and the nation. George will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, August 11 during the Seattle Mariners game versus the Baltimore Orioles at 7:10 pm. (If you would like to sit in the Pocock Foundation’s reserved seating for this event, please click here.)

Other rowing members of the Sports Hall of Fame include Hiram Conibear (1960), Al Ulbricksen (1963), and Rusty Callow (1964). All three men served as coaches of the University of Washington Men’s Team from 1907 through 1969 while George served as boatman for the crews and spent many hours advising and guiding the young men of the team.

George Pocock made great strides in the world of shell-building, but those who knew him remark not on the talent and skill he had with his hands, but the warmth and poetry of his heart. At the Pocock Foundation, we are joyful at the opportunity to share his work and warmth with the generations to come.

From George’s personal memoirs…

“Rowing a race is an art not a frantic scramble. It must be rowed with head power as well as muscular power. From the first stroke all thoughts of the other crew must be blocked out. Your thoughts must be directed to you and your own boat, always positively, never negative. Row your optimum power every stroke, try and increase the optimum… When your everyday strength is gone [you] can draw on a mysterious reserve of power far greater. Then it is you can reach for the stars. That is the only way champions are made. That is the legacy rowing can leave you. Don’t miss it.”

You can purchase copies of George’s memoirs through the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. Please contact the office for more information.

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