Erg Ed Indoor Rowing Education Comes to San Diego and Everett Schools

SEATTLE, Wash. – The George Pocock Rowing Foundation and USRowing are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 Erg Ed Grant Awards. The first grant will bring Erg Ed to the San Diego area with a partnership between Sweetwater Union High School District, Gompers Preparatory Academy, and Community Rowing of San Diego. The second grant has been awarded to a partnership between Everett (Wash.) Public Schools and Everett Rowing Association. These grants provide indoor rowing equipment, access to the Erg Ed curriculum, and comprehensive teacher training throughout the year.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, expanding the Erg Ed program to Everett and San Diego this fall,” said Patrick McNerney, USRowing Chief Executive Officer. “During the first three years of the partnership, we have introduced the sport of rowing and its values to more than 11,000 kids with diverse backgrounds. Erg Ed promotes an active lifestyle and continues to have a positive impact on kids. We look forward to having an even bigger impact in year four and beyond.”

“This collaboration brings out the very best in all of us,” said Matt Lacey, Executive Director of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. “The San Diego and Everett school districts are able to deliver an exciting program, Erg Ed, to their students that meet their curricular needs, while USRowing is able to spread awareness and enthusiasm for the sport of rowing to all kids across those cities. It’s a perfect fit.”

David Frost, President of Community Rowing of San Diego, said, “Our public benefit focus, since 2012, has been to expand the sport of rowing in San Diego. Many more children of San Diego deserve opportunities and life-lessons that rowing can provide.Indoor rowing and ergometer education (Erg Ed) offer our region with exciting enablers for those opportunities and life-lessons.

“We’ve learned in our history that getting under-served children to the water can be very hard. We must capitalize on chances to bring most of our rowing experiences and skill sets to (all) kids – as prospective student athletes. Some prospects, in a numbers sense, will progress to competitive crews. Yet, initial Erg Ed steps provide bases for expanded mission success of CRSD, Inc.” says Frost.

In Everett, Robert Polk, Director of Athletics, Activities and Health & Fitness at the Everett Public School District, “appreciates the partnership developed to bring Erg Ed to Everett’s students.” He said that “teachers are excited to incorporate the new curriculum” across their physical education programs in both the middle and high school levels.

The Erg Ed program will be offered to more than 20,000 students across 12 school districts throughout the country during the 2018-2019 academic year.

“With Erg Ed reaching as far north as Everett and south with San Diego, we’re seeing the kind of exposure of the sport of rowing that will help thousands of kids from a diverse set of backgrounds learn how to access and find their local boathouses and get out rowing on the water.” Lacey said. “This type of accessibility is seen in various pockets throughout the country, and we are looking forward to continuing to expand the accessibility to all kids nationwide.”

Launched in 2010 as part of Seattle Public Schools’ physical education curriculum, the Pocock Foundation’s Erg Ed program teaches teamwork, exercise intensity and goal setting through a fun, highly engaging, five-day core curriculum.

For questions about USRowing, please contact Brett Johnson, Senior Director, Programs & Communications, at (609) 751-0707 or brett.johnson@usrowing.org.

For questions about Erg Ed and the GPRF, please contact Heather Alschuler, National Program Manager, George Pocock Rowing Foundation, at

(425) 918-0900 or heather@pocockfoundation.org.

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