Erg Ed Curriculum Upgrade Announcement

The GPRF is committed to help youth find rowing, start rowing, and stay rowing. Through our Erg Ed program, we are helping hundreds of thousands of youth nationwide find rowing and we are constantly looking for ways to enhance this introductory experience for students. With this in mind, we have been working on some improvements and are excited to release our new and updated Erg Ed Curriculum!

The Erg Ed Curriculum has been redesigned to allow teachers more flexibility to plan their Erg Ed unit to meet the needs of their classroom and keep returning students engaged in the material, without sacrificing support and structure.

Teachers can now design a custom Erg Ed unit by having more control of what lessons they teach, and in what order. Once students have learned the basics and rowing safely on the ergs through Fundamental Lessons A and B, teachers can flow through the curriculum on their own path to best meet classroom time restraints, learning goals, and student skill/challenge level.

Each lesson is marked with which of the four curriculum themes (Intensity, Fitness, Technique and Teamwork) it emphasizes to help teachers create the perfectly tailored program for their class.

The new Erg Ed Curriculum also comes with a suite of instructional videos that will be a helpful visual guide to build comprehension of rowing skills for teachers and students alike. Teachers can use these videos to understand how to teach the lesson, or show the video in the classroom to give students a visual aid in learning new skills.

Finally, the Erg Ed team is excited to announce our new Erg Ed logo! As Erg Ed grows to more cities across the nation, we want to make sure that the logo serves as a clear representation of the program. We’ve updated the logo to include our animated character, Eric, on an erg, as well as a new tagline, “ROWING IN THE CLASSROOM” to help people get a grasp of our program at a glance.

We are so excited to head into the 2019-2020 academic year with these new tools and program flexibility to offer our Erg Ed Schools! We appreciate the continuous support, enthusiasm and feedback from the amazing teachers running the program and we are so proud to work with you. Let's have a great year!

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