Erg Ed at San Diego Crew Classic

There is nothing quite like spending a day on the shore of Mission Bay surrounded by a couple hundred people who are just as enthusiastic about rowing as you are. 

Last month at the 2019 San Diego Crew Classic, the GPRF's Erg Ed and Outreach Team spent the weekend connecting with rowers, community members, and spectators.  Between running the Erg Ed 1 Minute Challenge (row as many meters as possible in 1 minute), keeping track of the leaderboard, chatting with members of the rowing community, and enjoying the sunlight, the team was busy from start to finish each day.

While the weather was a little gloomier than anticipated upon arrival (apparently you can still get rain, even in “sunny” San Diego) the clouds soon cleared and the weekend was toasty and breezy. While the windy weather created some challenges for racers on the water, the weather was ideal for the GPRF's erging focused booth!

Joining the team in the On Land Fan Experience area were Erg Ed Students from Sweetwater High School and representatives from Community Rowing of San Diego. One of the highlights of the weekend was the ultimate dream team combo of Erg Ed students, a rock star Erg Ed teacher, and Peter Dreissigacker from Concept2 hooking up an erg to power a fan and a lightbulb!

For some of these students, this was their first regatta experience. From the food trucks and Jumbotron, to the team tents and vendor area, this was the first time these athletes had seen the rowing world in action. The up-close look at one of the largest West Coast regattas definitely helped them feel more prepared for their first experience as competitors the following weekend at the US Rowing West Coast Scholastic Championship. 

We may have been a little crispy (more sunscreen and hats are on the list for next year) from our time at the SDCC, but we were so happy to be there and so lucky to have awesome community partners in San Diego who invited us to share their tent! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and to Community Rowing of San Diego for having us!

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