Behind The Scene - Corporate Rowing Regatta

Meet the Gates Foundation and CityMD  ‒ Two very different organizations, Global Development and Emergency Medicine, with the same goal: to WIN the 2017 Corporate Cup. Or at the least, to finish the 500m rowing sprint with their smiles and integrity firmly intact.

Eight employees from each organization have spent the summer learning to row and gearing up to compete in the Corporate Cup Regatta. The race takes place tomorrow, August 19th at 11:30am, at the Green Lake Small Craft Center during Windermere’s Summer Splash FREE community event. 12 teams will battle for the chance to bring the classy corporate cup back to their office, but everyone wins with all proceeds from the team registration going to support the GPRF youth programs.

Anyone who has ventured into a rowing shell at some point understands what a terrific team building activity rowing can be, but don’t take our word for it. Come behind the scenes to find out what the Gates Foundation and CityMD coaches and rowers are saying about their summer rowing experience…

Dave Castellanos, CityMD Team Captain / Rower:

“I would like to say and I speak for everyone on Team CityMD that we are so grateful for the amount of patience and time that Ben [Ben Hagen, Coach] and Ting Ting [Ting Ting Hsu, coxswain] have given us. We are completely new to rowing and had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But with guidance from Ben and Ting Ting we have accomplished so much these past few weeks. We learned so much about the boat, the water, team work and the history of the Pocock rowing center. Both Ben and Ting Ting helped us gain the knowledge and confidence to row. We are not anywhere near Olympic rowers but we sure do feel confident enough to get on the boat and row with purpose. We all agree that it was well worth joining the Corporate Cup and taking on the challenge.

Getting to know a little more about rowing has made me realize how I wish I could’ve picked up this sport as a youth. The training, discipline, and exercise one gains in rowing can be such a valuable asset in transitioning into an adult.

It’s an outdoor sport which can take away away from all the video games, computer and pretty much all technology today. I feel that rowing can be a great value to today’s youth.”

Margaret Christopher, PRC Coach, Gates Foundation Coach:

“I found coaching the Gates Foundation rewarding and also very unusual. What really struck me about coaching this team was the acceptance of each other from the first moment. They immediately bonded and worked together without a second thought. There was a baseline of mutual respect and consideration, a camaraderie among them that is striking. I really appreciated that and it made coaching them through the process of becoming a rowing team really enjoyable.

I assumed that many of them knew each other already. It was great to learn that most of them didn’t know each other and that they represented a lot of different teams at the Gates Foundation. That made their instantaneous level of harmony and teamwork even more striking.”

Amanda Knight, Gates Foundation Rower:

“Most of us do not work on the same team – or maybe didn’t even know each other – and how this opportunity has brought us all together where otherwise we might not have an opportunity to work together on a consistent basis. I know not earth shattering but – I like that our team is not full of people from one team – I really like how we represent almost all facets of the foundation but we are in one boat.”

We hope to see you there tomorrow to help cheer on these hardworking teams and enjoy one of the best (and FREE) community events in Seattle:

WHAT: Corporate Cup Regatta WHEN: August 19, 2017 11:30am WHERE: Green Lake Small Craft Center

For questions or to reserve your company’s slot for next year’s race, email mary@pocockfoundation.org.

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