Arshay Cooper has been named National Inclusion Director for the George Pocock Rowing Foundation


George Pocock Rowing Foundation hires Arshay Cooper to lead and expand opportunities for under-served youth rowing programs through A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund

Arshay Cooper has been named National Inclusion Director for the George Pocock Rowing Foundation A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund, which aims to promote accessibility and inclusion at rowing programs across the United States.

SEATTLE - October 8, 2020 - The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) has announced the hiring of Arshay Cooper, writer of the memoir turned documentary film, A Most Beautiful Thing, narrated by Common, and written and directed by Olympian Mary Mazzio.

After years of working in the foodservice industry, Cooper returns to his true passion, working with young people. Cooper has coached kids across the nation, been a youth program guidance counselor for the Victory Outreach's Midwest/Gulf Coast region, as well as initiating several rowing programs for low-income youth across the country, so that other young people can experience the profound changes that happen on the water.

Cooper is not only a rower, but also a Benjamin Franklin award-winning author, A Golden Oar recipient for his contributions to the sport of rowing, a motivational speaker, and an activist, particularly around issues of accessibility for low-income families. Together, Cooper and the foundation have established the A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion fund, amplifying their vision to remove barriers to the sport of rowing.

“I wanted to start this fund to give more access to young people who grew up like I did, and I was looking for a place to partner with.” Cooper said “What I love most about the Pocock Foundation is that they take what they do best at the boathouse, and they provide the programs in the schools, schools like the one I went to. And I thought, ‘this is the place I want to partner with'.”

Cooper’s role will include leading the design and implementation of programs that bring the sport of rowing to a more diverse audience. These new programs, funded by the A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund, will contribute to athlete recruitment, academic support, school partnerships, development and training of coaches, and other resources to help boathouses thrive.

“The biggest lesson I learned in rowing is that we need everyone,” Cooper said. “We need these clubs to open their doors to everyone because talent is everywhere, but access and opportunity are not.”

To support Cooper and the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, or to learn more about the need for inclusion in rowing, visit: https://www.pocockfoundation.org/copy-of-a-most-beautiful-thing

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