2018 USRowing Convention Attendees to Visit Erg Ed San Diego

Are you attending the 2018 USRowing Convention in San Deigo, CA? If so, you're invited to visit Sweetwater High School and see indoor rowing education in action! Join us for a field trip to Sweetwater High School on Friday, December 7th. Meet in the lobby of the Hilton San Diego Spa and Resort at 10:00am and we will provide you transportation to and from Sweetwater High School. We will return to the hotel by 12:15pm.

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About Erg Ed

Currently running in twelve public school districts across the country, Erg Ed serves more than 20,000 students a year. The program brings equipment (indoor rowing machines – ergs), technology, curriculum, and training to middle and high school physical education classes so that teachers and students can access rowing without ever leaving the classroom. Through Erg Ed, students learn basic rowing skills, exercise intensity, goal setting, and teamwork in a fun, highly engaging 5-day core curriculum. Learn more.


Call or text Heather at 425.918.0900 or email heather@pocockfoundation.org

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