10th Annual Benefit Breakfast - You Nailed It!

Updated: May 9, 2019

Thank you for your tremendous support at last week's 10th Annual Benefit Breakfast for Row to the Future!

Together we raised more than $360,000 for youth in rowing - nearly double the amount raised in 2017. Your contributions provide need-based scholarships, uniforms and training gear, coaching, transportation, swimming and more for youth who need this kind of support in order to row. These resources would not be available for youth in our community without YOU!

Watch the 2018 Row to the Future Breakfast Video

Event Photos!

Thank you to our photographers! Click HERE to see photos from the great Valerie Vogt and HERE to see photos from the amazing Margie Nicosia.  

Shoutout to Table Captains and Table Sponsors!

The Schlaepfer Family challenged us to double the number of guests at this year's benefit breakfast...and we did it! Mobilizing and energizing our community to achieve this goal required a very strong team of individuals. Thank you table captains for your leadership and inspiration. Thank you Schlaepfer Family for believing and investing in youth!

Al Mackenzie    Franny Wood    Martin Ishihara** Alice Henderson    Gretchen Fredrick     Matt Johnson Alice Lippitt      Haley Sive**     Matthew Lacey Andrea Bonaccorsi*     Jeny Potter      Meghan Barry* Anna Cummins     Jessica Donahue**    Moira Bradshaw Anne Bryant     Jill Wood     Nat Hopper Aubrey Fitzpatrick     John Bottum*      Penny Lewis Bill Pickard      John Kelly      Phil Defliese Carol Brown      Kaleigh Gerlich     Phil Schlaepfer Carol Buchan      Karla Landis      Rachel LeMieux Cayla Ravancho**      Kate Lamb**      Raymond Miles Cheryl Eastberg*      Katherine Thompson     Ross Tilghman David Rutherford     Kendall Ritter      Sara Lopez* Deirdre O'Brien      Kim Clements*      Shirley Wilson* Delany Pelz     Kim Manderbach      Steve Todd Dick Robbins     Kirkland Barrett*     Tanice Fitzpatrick Eleanor McElvaine     Lenny O'Donnell      Tara Morgan Ellen Kahan      Lesli Schlaepfer      Theresa Johnson Emily Smalligan**    Lisa Illingworth     Tom Hull Eric Phoun*      Marcy Chartier**      Zenaida Ravancho

* Member of the Pocock Foundation Board of Directors  ** Member of the Row to the Future Breakfast Planning Committee

And the 2018 Synergy Award Goes to...

Jennifer Hendrickson! Jennifer (left) exemplifies the highest level of dedication amongst Erg Ed teachers, in both her commitment to her own professional development and in creating opportunities for her students at Asa Mercer Middle School. Jennifer has created new Erg Ed lesson plans, challenged colleagues to get moving on the rowing machine and so much more. Congratulations!

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