The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is forever helping change the way kids find, start, and stay rowing.

We understand that rowing has the power to transform and change lives, but not enough youth find their way to the sport.

To that end, the George Pocock Rowing Foundation is working to forever help change the way kids find, start, and stay rowing. Our mission is to inspire and lead the sport of rowing to become more accessible and inclusive, until it reflects the amazing diversity present in each of the communities the rowing facilities are located. The goal is not only to make changes to create more opportunities for a broader group of youth to access the sport, but to also have the rowing culture that awaits them at the boathouse, be inclusive, innovative, and intentionally created to make the greatest positive impact of each life that walks through the boathouse door.


The GPRF recognizes that many rowing organizations are inclined to make positive changes that lead to greater inclusivity and access, however they could also benefit from both direction and financial support to engage deeper in impactful behaviors.  This grant program is designed to support these thoughtful organizations by bringing us together and helping change the way youth find, start, and stay rowing within our communities. 




The George Pocock Rowing Foundation designed our grant program to support organizations by helping them change the way youth find, start, and stay rowing within their community.


Erg Ed Grant

Bring Erg Ed - Rowing in Schools, to your School District and community 

Erg Ed Sustainability Grant

Help sustain the Erg Ed program within your district year after year 

Erg Ed Nation

a) Providing Teachers an opportunity to learn how to row on the water

b) Creating programs and events for youth along the path from the classroom to boathouse 

GPRF Boathouse Partnerships

Join the GPRF partner boathouse cohort

Pocock Perkin Grant

Building scholarship capacity for GPRF partner boathouses

Boathouse Partner Grants

a) Student Support​ and Scholarships - putting kids on the water


b) Coaching Education and Support - investing in our coaches 

GPRF Board Special Projects​



Create awareness that the sport of rowing is an option and invite youth from non-traditional rowing communities to participate

Erg Ed - Rowing IN Schools Grant:

This is an opportunity to bring the Erg Ed Program to the Physical Education department within your school district! The Erg Ed curriculum introduces rowing to students in Physical Education classes with a national aligned and recognized PE unit that was created to be adaptable for all middle and high school PE situations. Bringing this program to your district will not only include high quality teacher resources, lesson plans, support videos, cross curricular opportunities, Erg Ed Nation events and more, but will also include a high level, in-person teacher training, that will empower teachers to present this well-loved, valuable, and engaging unit to their students.

  • Grant value: $10,000 - $30,000

  • Grant timeline: Opens Jan 2021, Due May 2021 for fall 2021/2022 launch

  • Number of grants awarded: Up to four per school year

  • Who is eligible: Any public school district or youth focused community group.

    • USRowing Erg Ed Grant - Eligibility is for anyone located within the USA.

    • PNW Erg Ed Grant - Eligibility is limited to those located within the Pacific Northwest. 

Erg Ed Sustainability Grant

We push to create real and positive change to the communities we work in, and we realize that change can take time. If you are a community who is currently offering Erg Ed in your schools, this funding is designed so you can keep the program running and create opportunities for the youth of your community to move from the classroom to the boathouse. Funds can be used to help cover the costs of logistics incurred directly from Erg Ed (ie, moving truck rentals, equipment maintenance and repair, etc), or can also help cover the costs of opportunities designed to help bridge the gap between the Erg Ed program in schools, to the boathouse (ie field trips, Erg Ed Games, after school rowing clubs, etc)

  • Grant Value: up to $1000 per Erg Ed location per program year *must offer the Erg Ed program

  • Grant applications due: Two times per year - December 31st and June 30th

  • Number of grants awarded: Total of $10,000 per calendar year, across all Erg Ed sites

  • Who is eligible: Exisiting Erg Ed locations and sites, in year two or beyond of running the program within their school district. 


Help youth overcome barriers to participation in the sport of rowing, so they can get on to the water 


Student based classroom to boathouse projects and activities - help existing Erg Ed locations pave the path from the classroom to boathouse by offering school-based rowing opportunities to students AND introductory rowing sessions for our incredible Public School Teachers who bring the Erg Ed program into their classrooms!

There are many exciting and fun activities and opportunities that can help connect students from what they have learned in the classroom through Erg Ed to the local boathouses. For our Erg Ed schools and districts, we want to support those activities. Some of the favorites we have helped support in the past include field trips, rowing camps, Erg Ed Games, virtual racing, and more! If you have a new idea to connect kids from the classroom to the boathouse, don’t hesitate letting us know!

  • Grant Value: up to $1000

  • Grant applications due: On going

  • Number of grants awarded: Total of $5000 across all Erg Ed sites  

  • Who is eligible: Estabilished Erg Ed locations and programs

Erg Ed NATION GRants:
Student based classroom to boathouse projects and activities
Teacher Learn to Rows

We love and respect all of the amazing teachers we are so lucky to work with from all around the country with our Erg Ed program. We are in awe of what you do for your students every single day! As a small way to say thank you, we would like to invite you to learn more about the sport of rowing by participating in an introductory rowing session, of your choice, at any boathouse within your community. You can choose the location and 'Learn to Row' session/series/etc. that you'd like to participate in and we will cover the cost!

  • Grant Value: up to $250 per session

  • Grant applications due: Ongoing

  • Number of grants awarded: Up to 60

  • Who is eligible: Teachers within the schools who offer the Erg Ed program

POCOCK Perkin Foundation GRANT
Join the GPRF Boathouse Partnership Cohort

Apply to be a part of the GPRF boathouse partner cohort. This group is committed to being innovative, intentional and inclusive in their efforts to reach more youth from within their communities. As a network they share resources, knowledge and support to help forever change the way youth find, start and stay rowing within their communities by committing to high culturally competent levels of outreach, engagement, and efficacy.

  • Grant applications due: Ongoing

  • Who is eligible: Boathouses committed to creating an inclusive, intentional, innovative culture. 



Growing and creating new commitment from the rowing and surrounding community can be very powerful. The Pocock grant will provide additional motivation for a rowing community to be invested in your good work to provide for your community. Recipients will receive $1,000 to start a fundraiser, in which up to an additional $4,000 will be matched during the fundraising campaign that will be for restricted funds for youth rowing scholarships. 

**COVID Update - due to the current pandemic situation, the Pocock Perkin Grant will be pivoting from its original focus, and will not have any restriction on how the funds are used. This grant will now be intended to help boathouses be sustainable and viable through this time. More details on application.  

  • Grant Value: up to $10,000

  • Grant timeline:

    • Grant opens June 8, 2020

    • Letter of intent due June 26, 2020

    • ​Invitation to submit full grant application July 3, 2020

    • Application for Pocock Perkin Recovery Grant July 17, 2020 

    • Pocock Perkin Recovery Grants Awarded July 24, 2020

  • Number of grants awarded: Up to a total of $40,000 between all awardees

  • Who is eligible: Boathouses and rowing organizations who are located within the PNW and offer youth rowing. 




Boathouse Partner GRants (PNW): Student

The purpose of creating partnerships between the George Pocock Rowing Foundation and local Pacific Northwest (PNW) boathouses and teams is to recognize and share resources while contributing to high and better culturally competent levels of outreach, engagement, and efficacy around the country. Seattle and its surrounding area has numerous organizations and boathouses working towards the same goals, and increased collaboration with fellow groups doing similar work is vital to the GPRF’s mission. There is a need for us to define partnerships between the GPRF and these organizations to support one another, in order to continue to create and strengthen this work and these partnerships.

  • Grant Value: Varies based on donations

  • Grant applications due: Prior to winter, spring, summer, fall rowing seasons

  • Number of grants awarded: Until funds are used

  • Who is eligiable: Junior rowers at partner boathouses 

Boathouse Partner GRants: COACHES

Coaches are the most influential component to the youth’s rowing experience. To help create stronger, more positive and beneficial programs for participating youth, coaches need high level training. Connecting our Boathouse Partners with our Community Partners, who provide high quality training, will result in career coaches who can provide positivity  impactful experiences for their athletes. 

  • Details coming in 2021


More details coming soon!





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