coming summer of 2021:

Camp Lucy is a program for middle school girls. It honors the legacy of Lucy Pocock, George Pocock’s sister and an early pioneer of women’s rowing. Through rowing, we empower confident, strong, healthy young women and share the Pocock philosophy of “harmony, balance, and rhythm” for rowing and life. 


We believe that if we teach girls the mechanics of rowing, how to optimize their training and recovery, and about diverse role models in the sport, we will build lifelong athletes and leaders, who are confident in themselves and rely on their teammates. We will use process indicators including attendance and demographics to measure our short term success and follow alumni to measure impact overtime. 


By providing a free program, including transportation support, and sharing bilingual promotional materials, we aim to reduce the barriers to participation. We also plan to create Camp Lucy specific scholarships, for the participants who want to continue on in the sport after the camp.

Would you like to be a supporter of Camp Lucy? You can donate here, or contact Nell Aiello at to learn more about supporting the new initiative.