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The Case for Rowing

The city of Seattle – because of its proximity to vast waterways – is uniquely poised to connect youth to the transformative sport of rowing. The social, physical, and emotional benefits of rowing are boundless: a) as one of the most physically demanding sports, rowing enhances fitness and supports lifelong health and wellness; b) often called “the ultimate team sport,” rowing is ideal for instilling notions of persistence and self-efficacy; and c) because of its historical ties to Universities, rowing is steeped in a college-going culture and rich educational networks.

Read “The Case for Rowing,” a summary of why we believe in the sport of rowing and what we want to do to share it with youth.

And yet this powerful sport and these myriad benefits are typically only available to a small percentage of youth. Many youth faced significant barriers to participation, including expensive program fees, lack of transportation, and lack of comfort and familiarity with water sports. Row to the Future removes these barriers through inclusive and accessible indoor and outdoor programs designed to engage youth and help them develop the tools they need for peak performance in school and life:

  • Skills to support lifelong fitness and improved health;
  • Communication, teamwork, and leadership skills;
  • Connections with caring adult mentors who are focused on students’ holistic success;
  • Increased awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities, and
  • Connection to their community and urban environment through appreciation of and access to natural resources.

“My earnest desire is that the quality of the community-oriented rowing projects that we envision will be known for generations to come.” Stanley Richard Pocock


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