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Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps Coach & Pocock Foundation Fellowship Program


The Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps Coach & Pocock Foundation Fellowship Program is program is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent Federal agency based in Washington, DC. The primary objective of this program is to have coaches provide youth sport-based experiences that focus on increasing physical activity and nutrition education to combat childhood obesity, as well as address areas of juvenile delinquency and/or educational enhancement. Coaches who serve in AmeriCorps earn the distinction of joining this country’s national service program.

The Pocock Foundation Fellowship program is an Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps benefit provided by the George Pocock Rowing Foundation, through whichUp2Us Sports AmeriCorps coaches will receive online rowing-specific coach training, peer-to-peer support, and networking opportunities throughout their term of service.

Click here to learn more about upcoming opportunities to serve as an Up2US Coach/Pocock Fellow in Seattle and Renton, WA.

Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps & Pocock Foundation Fellowship Coach Goals

  • Serve in rural and urban communities.
  • Provide direct service to youth as well as perform other program related responsibilities for the host site organization.
  • Direct service must account for 70% of each coach’s hours. Direct service is defined as time spent working directly with youth. Direct service includes practice time, pre-/post-practice time and any other informal program time spent with youth i.e. time spent traveling to regattas.  Of the remaining 30%, coaches are allowed up to 20% of their term be in training. Other acceptable duties might be practice planning, establishing plans for the following season, and any other admin duties (including submitting time sheets, completing Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps Coach learn logs, etc.).
  • Enable organizations to increase their capacity to serve more kids and serve them better.
  • Receive training in youth development and mentoring strategies focused on a trauma-sensitive approach to coaching.

While we encourage coaches of all ages to participate in the program, typically our coaches are young adults who are attending or have interest in attending college or have recently graduated. Additionally, we have a growing number of veterans serving as coaches.  Coaches receive an AmeriCorps Segal Education Award** ($2,960) upon successfully completing their term of service. The AmeriCorps Segal Education Award is carefully regulated by the government to help pay educational expenses and/or forgive student loans.

Host Site Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a member of Up2Us Sports – membership is FREE. As member, you will also receive electronic newsletters and periodic email alerts to keep you informed of Up2Us announcements, new resources, training, and funding opportunities. Become A Member of Up2Us.
  • Serve youth in low-income or under-served communities.
  • Provide experiences for coaches where they learn valuable work skills and develop an appreciation for civic engagement.
  • Use coach(es) to increase the # of youth served and/or quality of services provided.
  • Implement programming that encompasses elements of sports-based youth development.
  • Place coaches in at least one program that gives them the opportunity to work with the same group of youth consistently over a period of time.  The CAA model relies on coaches building relationships with youth over a period of time, thus each coach must work with at least one group of the same youth for 25 or more total hours of (the more time, the better).  This can be in addition to other programs that are more of a “drop-in” or “indirect service” model.
  • Designate a Host Site Supervisor dedicated to the supervision of Up2Us AmeriCorps coaches for approximately five hours per week.  Duties include: liaising with Up2Us  staff, approving coach hours, and offering on-site support, supervision and guidance to each Up2Us AmeriCorps coach.
  • Recruit Up2Us AmeriCorps coaches.
  • Participate in a Memorandum of Understanding Orientation prior to signing 2016-2017 MOU.
  • Complete Up2Us Sports data collection, to include: Data collection training (webinar &/or online tutorials); PACER fitness tests (15 minutes, four times per year); youth surveys (15 minutes, four times per year); roster and attendance info; coach surveys and reflection logs (15 minutes per week); and Host Site Supervisor surveys (2 hours per year).
  • Pay Host Site Participation Fee of $5,400* for Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps coaches in target service area or $6,000 for Up2Us AmeriCorps coaches outside of primary and secondary cities. 20% of the total fee is due to the Pocock Foundation in five 20% installments. Fees are due as follows: July 1, 2017; September 1, 2017;  November 1, 2017; February 1, 2018; April 1, 2018.
  • Allow coaches to attend all required Up2Us Sports and Pocock Foundation in-person trainings and opportunities, including Up2Us National Training Institute. Up2Us AmeriCorps coaches and their direct supervisors must attend The Institute, September 16-20 in L.A., California. This all-expenses paid training in sports-based youth development prepares coaches to promote physical activity, healthy living, and good decision making, while cultivating caring, trust-based relationships with the youth they serve.
  • Provide coaches with access to a computer to perform administrative duties.
  • Be a drug-free workplace.

More Details About Why Up2Us Sports AmeriCorps Coach Program Works

  • Up2Us National Training Institute in Los Angeles, September 16-19 2017: CAA coaches and their direct supervisors will attend an all-expenses paid training in sports-based youth development in Los Angeles, California. CAA coaches undergo an additional 40 hours of training in youth development and mentoring strategies focused on a trauma-sensitive approach to coaching. CAA training prepares coaches to promote physical activity, healthy living, and good decision making, while cultivating caring, trust-based relationships with the youth they serve. 
  • Back Office Support: Up2Us Sports provides program administration and support, which includes managing coach pay and supporting data collection for your program.
  • Site Visits: Up2Us Sports conducts bi-annual site visits to ensure quality programming is being implemented.
  • Background Checks: Each coach must pass strict state and national background checks. Up2Us Sports manages the compliance requirements to ensure your coach is cleared to work with youth.
  • Program Impact Reports: The Up2Us Sports Monitoring & Evaluation team provides data analysis and a custom report summarizing program specific results and comparison to other programs nationally.
  • Increased Capacity: On average each coach serves 125 youth. This can help you expand your program and result in increased capacity for your organization.
  • Enhanced Network: Up2Us Sports brings together organizations around the country that are focused on sports based youth development. By joining the Up2Us Sports network you’ll have access to a library of best practices, a free job board, and local events.


Where is the spiritual value of rowing? … The losing of self entirely to the cooperative effort of the crew as a whole.George Pocock


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