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Access: Rowing to the Next Level

The Pocock Foundation has a rich history of working with successful outreach programs, including the Lakeside Education Enrichment Program (LEEP), Girls Row and Row to the Future (RttF)–its most recent and largest youth development initiative. Launched in 2010, RttF is the largest youth rowing collaborative in the country. RttF’s model, unique among urban sports, leverages school and community partnerships to create an innovative network of youth program opportunities thereby improving access to participation and empowering students to challenge their potential on and off the water. Through RttF’s network, Seattle’s urban youth gain:
-Skills to support lifelong fitness and improved health
-Communication, teamwork, and leadership skills
-Connections with caring mentors who are focused on students’ holistic success
-Connection to their community and urban environment through appreciation of and access to natural resources
-Connections with post-secondary educational opportunities, such as field trips to the University of Washington

Two Foundational Programs: Rainier Valley Rowing and Erg Ed

Rainier Valley Rowing (RVR) removes barriers to participation in rowing for youth living in Seattle’s Rainier Valley neighborhoods. RVR students receive comprehensive support, including need-based scholarships for registration and regatta fees, training gear, and swimming instruction, so they can fully participate their neighborhood boathouse. RVR operates in partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center, and Mt. Baker Boating Advisory Council.

Erg Ed, school-based indoor rowing education, introduces rowing to thousands of students each year as part of P.E. Many P.E. teachers are not experienced rowers – that’s ok! After completing Erg Ed Teacher Training, P.E. teachers are ready to teach their students the basics of rowing through five core lessons and utilize dozens of additional lessons through Erg Ed’s Row On curriculum.

Out-of-School and Summer Programs

Erg Ed Field Trips and Mini Camps
Students get to learn more about the sport through class field trips to UW’s Conibear Shellhouse and low-cost after school rowing camps specifically designed for Erg Ed students.

Summer Camp
Summer camp brings RVR students together for a week of rowing at no cost. In addition to working with coaches to improve technique and fitness, students participate in daily personal development activities.

Rainier Valley Rowing

Rainier Valley Rowing + Youth Scholarships

RVR, founded in 2008, is a cohort-based program operating in partnership with Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center its associated Advisory Council, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Pocock Rowing Center. Through RVR, students receive comprehensive support including scholarships for registration and regatta fees, team travel, transportation to and from practice, swimming instruction, uniforms and training gear, healthy snacks and mentorship. RVR students row for their neighborhood boathouse during the year and come together outside of practice for programming focused on academic and professional development and community engagement.

Youth Rowing Scholarship Application  – Apply for A Scholarship

Do you or someone you know need a scholarship in order to row at their neighborhood boathouse?  The Pocock Foundation provides need-based youth rowing scholarships at three different boathouse locations: Pocock Rowing Center, Renton Rowing Center, and Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center.


Erg Ed

Erg Ed

In 2015-2016, the Erg Ed visited 24 schools in Seattle and Renton, WA. Thanks to the support of USRowing, Erg Ed will expand to two new cities beginning in the fall of 2015. Do you want to bring Erg Ed to your city? Apply for funding through USRowing. Applications due July 26, 2015.

Erg Ed, launched in 2010, is a classroom-based indoor rowing education program operating as part of Seattle Public Schools. Erg Ed brings equipment (indoor rowing machines – ergs), technology, and highly qualified instructors to middle school physical education classes so that teachers and students can access rowing without leaving the classroom. Erg Ed has been integrated into Seattle’s “Five For Life” physical education curriculum and serves as part of the physical education experience for all middle and K-8 schools in the District. Erg Ed is available to over 10,000 students at all 21 middle and K-8 schools across the city of Seattle. Through Erg Ed, students:

Learn Skills for Lifelong Fitness
Every Erg Ed student learns rowing basics using rowing machines (ergs), participates in lessons on intensity and goal setting, and participates in team relay races. They develop skills they can put to use at any boathouse or gym in the country and on rowing machines or in boats throughout their lives.

Challenge Their Potential
Erg Ed emphasizes self-regulated intensity. Students raise their heart rates and sweat more while rowing than while doing almost any other activity. Students learn to push themselves and get more out of every future workout.

Gain Access to Seattle’s Waterways
Students receive Water Access Guides—resources and maps connecting schools, pools and boathouses. Students also have access to continued participation with Row to the Future, including scholarships for on-the-water rowing, field trips to the University of Washington, low-cost rowing camps and indoor rowing challenges and competitions.

Erg Fit

Erg Fit

ErgFit is a low-cost, 8-week rowing fitness class for teens and adults. This 60-minute class functions much like a spinning class except, instead of bikes, participants will use indoor rowing machines! Absolutely no prior rowing experience required.

Rowing is a sport everyone LOVES. This low-impact class accommodates all fitness levels and provides a fun and beneficial for all participants.

ErgFit is a gym- or company-based program operating during the summer months, June – August. Bring ErgFit to your gym, YMCA or workplace for the entire summer for only $950! Proceeds from ErgFit support our youth outreach efforts.

ErgFits organizations receive:

-Excellent equipment: 11 Concept2 indoor rowing machines for 10 weeks
-Staff training: 3.5 hour staff training with Concept2 certified Master Trainer
-Resources: instructor manuals, 40+ unique workouts, & additional online resources
-Evaluation: fitness assessment guidelines and participant surveys

Contact Aubrey Fitzpatrick for more information:

Why Rowing?

Why Rowing?

At first glance, rowing may seem like an odd mechanism for inspiring youth to meet their potential. However, the city of Seattle – because of its proximity to vast waterways – is uniquely poised to connect youth to this transformative sport. The social, physical, and emotional benefits of rowing are boundless: a) as one of the most physically demanding sports, rowing enhances fitness and supports lifelong health and wellness; b) often called “the ultimate team sport,” rowing is ideal for instilling notions of persistence and self-efficacy; and c) because of its historical ties to Universities, rowing is steeped in a college-going culture and rich educational networks.

And yet this powerful sport and these myriad benefits are typically only available to a small percentage of youth. Many youth faced significant barriers to participation, including expensive program fees, lack of transportation, and lack of comfort and familiarity with water sports. Row to the Future removes these barriers through inclusive and accessible indoor and outdoor programs designed to engage youth and help them develop the tools they need for peak performance in school and life:

-Skills to support lifelong fitness and improved health;
-Communication, teamwork, and leadership skills;
-Connections with caring adult mentors who are focused on students’ holistic success;
-Increased awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities, and
-Connection to their community and urban environment through appreciation of and access to natural resources.

Benefit Breakfast

Because Every Kid Deserves the Opportunity to Row

The Row to the Future Benefit Breakfast is our largest fundraiser of the year, bringing together rowers & their friends, family and colleagues from every boathouse in the Puget Sound! Row to the Future alongside community partners inspires youth to become healthy, active members of their communities through rowing.

A Total of 331 guests raised $193,082 at the 2015 Row to the Future Benefit Breakfast! Thank you so much for your smiles, your encouragement, and your generous contributions. If you’d couldn’t join us, click here to read Emmett’s speech about his rowing experience at Mount Baker.

"Where is the spiritual value of rowing? … The losing of self entirely to the cooperative effort of the crew as a whole."GEORGE POCOCK

2015 NW Ergomania!

Taking place on January 31st at Hangar 30 in Manguson Park.

Start rowing in Seattle!

Learn to row at the Pocock Rowing Center or train with a team.

Row ~ Paddle ~ Play!

Rowing Programs for kids and adults at the Renton Rowing Center.

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