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About Row to the Future

We connect youth to rowing.

The Pocock Foundation has a rich history of working with successful outreach programs, including the Lakeside Education Enrichment Program (LEEP), Girls Row and Row to the Future (RttF)–its most recent and largest youth development initiative. Launched in 2010, RttF is the largest youth rowing collaborative in the country. RttF’s model, unique among urban sports, leverages school and community partnerships to create an innovative network of youth program opportunities thereby improving access to participation and empowering students to challenge their potential on and off the water. Through RttF’s network, Seattle’s urban youth gain:

  • Skills to support lifelong fitness and improved health
  • Communication, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • Connections with caring mentors who are focused on students’ holistic success
  • Connection to their community and urban environment through appreciation of and access to natural resources
  • Connections with post-secondary educational opportunities, such as field trips to the University of Washington

Student Support Services

The Pocock Foundation works to remove barriers to participation in youth rowing. Need-based youth scholarships are available for registration and regatta fees. Help with training gear, swimming instruction, and transportation are also available. This comprehensive support system is possible due to partnerships with Seattle Parks and Recreation and various boathouse advisory councils.

Indoor Rowing Education

Erg Ed, school-based indoor rowing education, introduces rowing to thousands of students each year as part of P.E. Many P.E. teachers are not experienced rowers – that’s ok! After completing Erg Ed Teacher Training, P.E. teachers are ready to teach their students the basics of rowing through five core lessons and utilize dozens of additional lessons through Erg Ed’s Row On curriculum.


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“My earnest desire is that the quality of the community-oriented rowing projects that we envision will be known for generations to come.” Stanley Richard Pocock


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