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Youth Rowing


  • High School Juniors: 4-6:00pm
    • Fall Season: Sept 18- Nov 6
      • 7 weeks. 28 practices total. 85% participation required to be on the traveling team
      • Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, (Drop in Fridays for Land-Base Conditioning before school. Sign up on the Monday before the Friday you are planning on attending.)
    • Winter Pre-Spring Season Training: Nov 6- Jan 18
      • Fall Break: 1 week off (Days Nov 20-24)
      • Winter Break: 3 weeks off (Dec 18- Jan 4)
    • Spring Racing Season: Jan 22- May 25
      • MTWThF
      • Mid Winter Break: 1 week off (Feb 19-23)
  • Middle School Juniors: 4:6:00pm
    • Fall Season:
      • Sept. 19-Nov 2
      • Tues, Thurs
      • Middle School Scrimmages/Duel Meets: October 20th, Lake Stevens
    • Winter Season:
      • Nov 7- Jan 18
      • Fall Break: 1 week off (Nov 21/23)
      • Winter Break: 3 weeks off (Dec 19- Jan 4

Fall Regatta Schedule:

  • American Lake Regatta, Tacoma Wa: Oct. 15
  • Lake Stevens Scrimmage: Oct. 20th (Middle School and High School)
  • Green Lake Frostbite, Seattle Wa: Nov. 4 (All juniors over the age of 14)
  • Head of the Lake, Seattle Wa: Nov. 5 (Limited participation, we are only taking one M4 and one W4)

RRC Junior Team Events: High School Only

  • Once a month we will be having a Ham&Egger Race for the whole club of RRC and we are hosting the 12th12k as an all community event this year.
    • Sept 16th: 7:30-8:30 (LEARN TO ROW DAY)
    • Oct 28th: 7:30-8:30 Halloween Row (Costume Required. Prizes are awarded)
    • Nov 18th: 7:30-8:30 Food Drive Row (Goal: Cans for each 100 meters rowed!)
    • Dec 9th: 12th12k Renton Triathlon: $15 for RRC members. $25 for non-members: 6k run. 6k erg. 6 story stair climb. (relays or individual teams)
  • Night in the Boathouse: Friday October 6th. 7pm: Movie, sleep over in the boathouse. Wake up and row.
  • Thursday Practice Snack days: Once a week, 2 High School athletes and 2 Middle School athletes brings a snack for the team. Sign up for dates at Parent Night or contact your Coach.

RRC Racing Uniforms: Look for emails when the JL store is open!

  • Returners: JL Unisuits required for all who are racing in Varsity Events. (Tanks are optional for warm-up gear)
  • Novice: JL Tank required for all racing in Novice Events. (black trou can be purchased at any athletic clothing department)
  • Middle School: RRC T-shirts can be ordered through RRC Office.

Required Paperwork for Youth Rowers: If new to rowing, only bring hard copies of the items in bold. If a returner, we don’t want your papers anymore! Links to forms/USRowing Membership Instructions below listed items. 

-Float Test (only if new to rowing and have not already turned one in the past 3 years)

-RRC Liability Waiver (Done online with registration)

-Photo Release Form (Done online with registration)

-Medical Release Form (only if new to rowing or need updating)

-Athlete Code of Conduct (All Junior Athletes will sign this on the first day of practice)

-USRowing Waiver/Membership (Done online through

Links below: 

  • RRC Youth Forms: Required per year. If you have already filled these out for a prior season this year, you do not have to turn them in again.
  • 2017 USRowingWaiver: Required per year. Please make sure you become a US Rowing Basic Membership, this is how you will receive a membership number to complete this form.
  • Step by Step Instruction for USRowing Membership
  • Note: If you are signing up to race any in the US Rowing Regatta such as the Green Lake Regattas or NW Championships, you will also have to update your membership from the basic to championship. Here is a document detailing the steps.




Our Youth Rowing team uses rowing as a means to develop new skills, learn how to work together, and challenge academic and athletic potential. All youth, grades 6-12 are welcome to participate.

The Renton Junior Programs offer year-round (Fall Season, Winter Conditioning, Spring Racing Season, Summer Training Camps) rowing opportunities for middle school and high school students in Renton and the surrounding area. We are committed to providing access to and excellence in the sport of rowing, and we foster individual development and achievement through a range of program offerings. Whether you need an introduction to the sport’s fundamentals or want to compete at the highest level, we have a program for you. Click on the Sign Up page in the left hand column to get registered today! The focus is on learning the basics of the sport and then competing in local regattas. The youth team uses rowing as a means to develop new skills, learn how to work together, and challenge academic and athletic potential.

Our team aims to provide full support to help remove the barriers that limit participation in rowing; lack of funds, inability to swim and lack of transportation. Beyond learning how to row as part of a team in a healthy environment, Renton Rowers will have access to academic support and mentor-ship, including tutors and pre-practice study hours. Academic support and community building are at the core of our team. Read more about Youth Rowing Scholarships here.

Our rowing coaches will support and guide youth as they learn to work together, set and achieve goals, and overcome challenges. The social, physical, and emotional benefits of rowing are boundless: a) as one of the most physically demanding sports, rowing enhances fitness and supports lifelong health and wellness; b) often called “the ultimate team sport,” rowing is ideal for instilling notions of persistence and self-efficacy; and c) because of its historical ties to universities, rowing is steeped in a college-going culture and rich educational networks. Through rowing, our athletes will challenge their potential on the water, in school, and in life, thereby contributing to a stronger, healthier community.


"It's a great art, is rowing. It's the finest art there is. It's a symphony of motion. And when you're rowing well, why, it's nearing perfection." George Yeoman Pocock


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