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Safety & Policies

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Safety on the water and in the boathouse is our number one priority. The Management Committee of the PRC has enacted a number of policies and procedures to help keep our junior and adult members safe.  These policies cover many areas of safety, however the Management Committee expects all employees and users of the PRC to use Common Sense in applying existing safety procedures and policies to situations that are not covered.

Self Rescue

While we don’t want you to practice a lot of self-rescuing in our 1xs because it’s hard on the boats to the point of potentially seriously damaging them, we DO want you to know how to self-rescue because it is important!

We have an annual Flip and Float Day (August 26, 2017) so you can renew your Float Test, watch a self-rescue demonstration and try to self-rescue if you’d like.

Here are some helpful videos on self-rescue:

Also, check out our video How to Carry an Aero 1x Independently

Traffic Pattern and Dock Use

Safety on the water is everyone’s responsibility.  Please observe the traffic pattern, look around frequently, and recognize that we row on a heavily-used commercial body of water.  Power boats, barges, and tugs CANNOT stop quickly and should always be given wide berth. Our dock is very busy, especially during peak hours (5-9am and 4-7pm)!   When launching from or returning to the PRC, small boats should use the angled dock.  Always allow docking crews to land and clear prior to launching.  If you see a crew waiting to dock and you are already on the dock, please launch quickly; if you are not yet on the dock, do not put your boat into the water until the docking crew has cleared.  When launching, make sure oars are down, oarlocks are open and you have checked your equipment prior to putting the boat into the water. Tie in and make adjustments on the water to enable more members to utilize the dock.  After you have docked, quickly remove your oars and the hull to make space for other crews. Lake-WA-ship-Canal-Traffic-Pattern

Lighting and Visibility

All boats rowing out of the PRC must have a properly functioning bow and stern light when operating in the dusk or dark (1 hour before sunrise or 1 hour before sunset).  Individuals are responsible for providing their own lights. Rowers are strongly encouraged to wear high visibility or reflective clothing (high-viz) to increase their visibility.

4 Oar Rule

During particularly cold weather (air or air+wind = 32 degrees or colder), the Operations Manager, Equipment and Facilities Manager, or member of the Management Committee may invoke the “4 Oar Rule” without warning. This rule is enacted for member safety.  When the 4 Oar Rule is in effect, no PRC club 1x or 2- is allowed to launch from the PRC without a safety launch.

Coaches’ Safety Certifications and Training

All PRC coaches are required to have: current CPR, current First Aid, Washington State Boater ID, certificate of USA SafeSport training, and complete the PRC staff training.  

Health and Safety

Clean hands and equipment make for healthy members!  We provide antibacterial gel dispensers throughout the facility, spray bottles to sanitize oar handles before and/or after use, and spray bottles and paper towels to clean the indoor exercise equipment.  We strongly recommend all members use these supplies and wash their hands thoroughly after training.

Youth and Junior Use of the PRC

Individuals under the age of 18, including members of the PRC Youth programs or the PRC Junior Team, may only use the PRC facility during scheduled, coached practices or when with a coach or parent-member.  Individuals under 18 years old may not use PRC rowing equipment at any time unless they are accompanied by a PRC coach in a safety launch OR unless they are accompanied by their parent/guardian who has a Family Membership. Individuals who are 18 and members of the PRC Junior Team may not use the PRC facility outside of scheduled, coached practices nor use PRC rowing equipment unless the individual has registered for the Adult Age-Discounted Membership.

Quads, Fours, Eights and Launches

No PRC-owned 4+, 4-, or 4x may go out without a safety launch at any time.  No 8-oared shell may go out from PRC without a safety launch at any time.  PRC launches are for use exclusively by PRC coaches and GPRF staff (exceptions may be made for regattas and special situations).  All launches must be requested and scheduled with the Operations Manager. Read the Pocock Rowing Center Member Handbook for all Policies and Procedures. 

Safe Sport

The Pocock Rowing Center is a SafeSport boathouse. SafeSport aims to eliminate any form of sexual misconduct, emotional misconduct, physical misconduct, bullying, harassment and hazing in our sport. Working with the United States Olympic Committee, the SafeSport program was developed based on education and training for coaches, as well as reporting and enforcement policies that include criminal background checks of all Pocock Rowing Center staff. Learn more.

Incident Report Form

The Incident Report Form must be completed in the event of any on-water or off-water incident whereby any persons, rower, coach, staff, volunteer, or visitor to the Pocock Rowing Center is injured during a training session and/or competition; during volunteer, regular, or special event duties while on Pocock Rowing Center grounds or in the boathouse, or off the premises while traveling or using Pocock Rowing Center equipment or participating in a Pocock Rowing Center program. All reports are submitted directly to the Director of Rowing Operations for the Pocock Foundation, Briana Schulte.

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