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Member Volunteer Hours

As the PRC is run for and by its members, we require 10 hours of volunteer service towards the PRC from all members per year. There are many ways to fulfill the member Volunteer Service Hours, including:

  • Working at our two annual work parties in the Spring and Fall
  • Serving on a committee
  • Serving as a captain of one of the Competitive Masters teams for at least half a calendar year
  • Helping with programs such as our adult Learn to Row programming
  • Volunteering at Ergomania!
  • Helping at the 1PRC Auction
  • Completing other tasks and odd jobs (please ask Member Services for a listing of other volunteer tasks)

If you choose, you may opt out of service hours at $10/hour. If you join the PRC mid-year, your hours will be prorated accordingly (5 hours per 6 months).

Submit your hours today using our online reporting form:

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