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High School Rowing

Train hard. Get strong. Be fast. Race to the finish.

Why row?

Teamwork.  Personal accomplishment.  Fitness.  Friends. College opportunities. Because it’s the hardest, best sport there is.

 Why row with the Pocock Rowing Center’s Junior Team?

Because we are committed to being the best.  On the water, in the classroom and in life, we are committed to the success of every individual and our team.

We prioritize big boats, with an emphasis on the 8+ in both open and lightweight events, because big boats teach teamwork.  Because big boats go fast. Because nothing feels as good as a really fast 8.  And to make those 8s go fast, we spend time in small boats.  We row singles, pairs, doubles, quads, fours, and eights, because our singular objective is to make every boat we have go fast.

Our team of professional rowing coaches and strength-and-conditioning coaches is dedicated to working with every athlete to find more speed, more confidence and create the best opportunities for success.   And because success takes more than just sweat and repetition, team members have access to academic tutoring, specialized training, and professional lectures and workshops by guest speakers on important topics for student-athletes, including: nutrition, sports psychology, study skills, time management, and injury prevention.

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If you experience any difficulties registering online, please contact us at 206-686-6388 or info@pocockrowingcenter.org.

The PRC Junior Team

The PRC Junior Team is for High School students (8th graders accepted on a case by case basis).  No athletic or rowing experience is required, but the willingness to work hard and go fast is.  Our team has two squads:

Novice Squad

The Novice Squad is for male and female athletes with no previous high school rowing experience OR individuals who participated in the summer, fall or winter but have not raced at USRowing Northwest Junior Regional Championships. Athletes are selected for boats and events by the coaching staff based on technical proficiency, physical fitness, attendance, attitude and flow.

We are always looking for individuals who want to be coxswains for the team.  Coxswains are the leaders in the boat and are frequently leaders on the team.  For the right individual, coxing can be a great way to learn and develop leadership skills that will last a lifetime!  Coxswains are typically individuals who are smaller in stature (less than 125 pounds); no experience is required to be a coxswain.

Varsity Squad

The Varsity Squad is for male and female athletes who have completed a competitive spring season. Within the Varsity Squads, there are multiple levels of boats, including the Varsity 8, Junior Varsity 8, Third Varsity 8, as well as 4+s, 4xs, 2xs and 2-s. Athletes are selected for boats and events by the coaching staff based on technical proficiency, physical fitness, attendance, attitude and flow.

Need-Based Scholarships

The Pocock Foundation, a non-profit, provides need-based youth rowing scholarships so more youth can row on the water as part of a team. Scholarship funds are awarded based on need AND the participant’s ability to meet attendance and participation expectations.

If awarded a scholarship, participants must:
– Attend 75% of practices
– Volunteer 5 hours per season
– Attend one community event per year.

Partial and full scholarships are available. The information you provide on your application will be treated confidentially, and will be used only for eligibility determination.

PRC Parent Volunteer Corps

Parents are the backbone of this team.  We literally cannot run this team without parent involvement, and so we ask that each family volunteer for one “job” each season: fall/winter and spring.  There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities (from 1-time jobs to ongoing jobs) because we recognize that every family has different abilities to be involved.  There will be a list of Volunteer Opportunities posted here and sign ups will be available at the start of each season.

PRC Required Paperwork

The following forms are required for each athlete and must be turned in by the first day of practice.  Forms may be mailed or hand-delivered to the Pocock Rowing Center.

Junior Notarized Medical Release (required every academic year)

Junior Notarized Temporary Surrogate (required every academic year)

Junior Athlete Code of Conduct (required every academic year)

PRC Junior Program Float Test (required every 4 years)

PRC Competitive Team Uniform Order

Our uniforms and gear are made by JLRacing. The JL online store for PRC uniforms and gear is now open throughout the year.  JL will close the store every 2 weeks (anticipate around mid-month and end-of-month) and items will ship 4-5 weeks after the store closes and arrive to the Pocock Rowing Center.  Click HERE for the link to the store.

PRC Junior Team Event and Race Schedule

8/21     Pre-season Starts, 3:30pm, PRC — Varsity Only (Aug 21-31, Mon-Thurs, 3:30-5pm)

9/6       Fall Season Starts, 4:15pm, PRC — All Team (Sept 6-Nov 21, Mon-Fri, 4:15-6:30pm)

9/7      New Parent Meeting, 6pm, PRC

9/9      College Recruiting and Rowing, 10:30am, PRC

9/13    Study Skills Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

9/15     PRC Potluck Social, 6:30pm, PRC — All Team, theme: Picnic foods

9/17     Row for the Cure Regatta, all day, local — Select Varsity Only (mixed 8+s)

9/20     Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

9/23     PRC Fall Work Party, 7am-noon, PRC — All Team

10/1      Tail of the Lake Regatta, all day, local — All Team

10/11 History of Rowing Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

10/15    Scrimmage at Sammamish (PRC, SRA and MBC) — All Team

10/18    Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

10/25 Common Rowing Injuries and Prevention, Dr. Erik Brand, PRC — All Team

10/29    Portland Fall Classic, all day, Portland — All Team

11/5    Head of the Lake Regatta, all day, local — Varsity Only

11/5    Head of the Lake Regatta, local — Team Spectator Tent at the Seattle Yacht Club

11/11   1PRC Auction

11/15    Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

11/17   PRC Potluck Social, 6:30pm — All Team, theme: Comfort foods

11/21   Fall Season Ends, 6:30pm, PRC — All Team

1/3/18 Winter Season Starts, 4:15pm, PRC — All Team (Jan 3-Feb 2, Mondays-Fridays, 4:15-6:30pm)

1/10     Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

1/20     PRC Junior Team Winter Work Party, 7am-3pm — All Team

1/27       NW Ergomania, all day — Athletes Self-Register

2/5    Spring Season Starts, 4:15pm, PRC — All Team (Feb 5-May 21, Mondays-Fridays, 4:15-6:30pm)

2/6      All Parent Meeting, 6:30, PRC

2/7       Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — Boys Team Only

2/9       PRC Potluck Social, 6:30pm, PRC — All Team, theme: International foods

2/21     College Recruiting Talk, presented by Andrea and Damion, 6:30pm at PRC

2/24     PRC Parent Potluck Social, 5-7pm at the Pocock Rowing Center

3/7      Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

3/17   Green Lake Spring Regatta, all day, Green Lake Small Crafts Center — All Team

3/24-25   San Diego Crew Classic, multiple days/nights, San Diego — Varsity Travel Squad Only

3/31   Husky Open Regatta, morning, local — Select Varsity Only (likely 3V/L8, 4V)

4/4     Nutrition Lecture, 3:30pm, PRC — All Team

4/13    PRC Potluck Social, 6:30pm, PRC — All Team, theme: Spring treats

4/15 (SUNDAY)    Rose City Junior Invitational Regatta, All Day, Vancouver Lake Washington — All Team

4/21-4/22    Scrimmage at Lake Sammamish — All Team

  • 4/21 — Schedule/changes coming soon.
  • 4/22 — Schedule/changes coming soon.

4/27-4/29 Brentwood Regatta, multiple days/nights, Mill Bay Canada — All Team

5/5      Opening Day Regatta, all day, local — Women’s Varsity 8+ and Men’s Varsity 4+

5/18-5/20 USRowing NW Junior Championships, multiple days/nights, Vancouver Lake Washington — All Team

5/24 End of Year Celebration, 6:00pm, Location TBD — All Team

6/8-6/10 (likely)  USRowing Youth Nationals, multiple days/nights, Sacramento, CA — Qualified Varsity Only

Building Community

Our athletes come from schools throughout the greater Seattle area and when they come to the boathouse they are intensely focused on working hard to make themselves stronger in order to make the team faster.  That can make it challenging for them to get to know each other, so to foster opportunities for building friendships across the team, we have seasonal Potluck Socials for PRC Junior Team athletes after practice.  Attendance is encouraged, but not required.

Friday Potluck Socials

9/15/17 — Theme: Picnic Foods 

11/17/17 — Theme: Comfort Foods

2/9/18 — Theme: International Foods

Juniors and Off-Season and Summer Use of the PRC

We WANT our juniors to stay involved with the sport and their fitness through the off-months and the summer!  And we have several options to help your Junior Team member stay involved, but the main thing to remember is that Junior Members (anyone under the age of 18) cannot be on the water or use the Fitness Facility unless they are with a coach or parent/guardian.
Options for Junior Members:

1) Independent Fitness Training: Junior Team members are allowed to use the PRC Fitness Facility (no boats) any time during the week day as long as the front door is open and a member of the office staff is present.  If the front door is locked, Junior Team members are NOT allowed to use the facility due to lack of supervision and oversight.

2) Family Fitness Membership: a Family Fitness Membership will allow you and your child to use the Fitness Facility at any time of day.  However, all children under the age of 18 must be with a parent/guardian member.  The benefit of this type of membership is that Junior Members can use the Fitness Facility to train any time of day, provided their parent/guardian is present.

3) Family Membership: a Family Membership allows Fitness Facility and Boat Use access for up to 2 adults per household and dependent children.  However, all children under the age of 18 must be with a parent/guardian member when using the Fitness Facility and must be IN a 2x or 2- with their parent/guardian when on the water.

4) Under 25 Year Old Membership: Junior Members who are 18+ and want to join the PRC so they can use the Fitness Facility and Club boats independently, can sign up for our Age-Reduced Membership.  Registration for membership can be done online, but all new members need to complete new member paperwork and an orientation prior to using the facility or equipment independently.

5) PRC Junior Team Alumni Membership: we welcome graduates of the PRC Junior Team to use the Fitness Facility for free for 4 years.  Register for the PRC Junior Team Alumni membership online.  Note: must be 18+.

“In a sport like this... there must be some beauty which ordinary men can't see, but extraordinary men do.”George Yeoman Pocock


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