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Thank you for joining us at the 8th Annual 1PRC Auction! Together, we raised over $132,000 for the Pocock Rowing Center! Thank you for your support!

What will we do with that $132,000? Find speed. Find efficiency. Find our performance edge that will benefit every athlete at the Pocock Rowing Center.   Specifically, we will be purchasing THREE eights, 3 sets of sweep oars, AND refurbishing nearly all of our current fleet of 8s, 4s, 4xs, 2xs/2-s, and 1xs (new sandals, wheels, tracks and oarlocks). Check out the auction video here!

Click HERE to see more photos in the event photo gallery! Thank you to Margie Nicosia of Imagine the World Photography. 

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Thank you to our amazing guest speaker, Ellen Heile. Here are some of her inspiring words shared with us on Saturday night:

“Looking back, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the community and my teammates at Pocock. My dedication and character was supported and shaped by every athlete that had sat in the seat before me, every athlete who would sit in it after me, and by the legacy of the women named on the bow decks – Sarah Hirst Smith and Lia Pernell — who constantly reminded each and every one of us to work harder, be better, and go faster.” -Ellen Heile, PRC Class of 2015

Co-Chairs: Leslie Kaplan and Laura Rodde

Procurement Committee: Mychal Richardson, Eric Phoun, Alex Japhet, Margaret Christopher

We could not have done it without all our amazing community who donated their time, goods, services, baking skills, creativity and energy to make this event a success! Thank you to all!

Matt Lacey & John Bottum, Nat Hopper, Ann Parker, Lynn Stapp & the PRC Women’s Team, PRC Management Committee, Amy & Sherman Griffin, University of Washington, the Pocock Foundation Board of Directors, In honor of George & Stan Pocock, Steve Sunich, Ann-Margaret and Kirk Johnson & Jay Paulus and Michelle Madigan, David Current and Anne Rutledge, Lisa & Hans Illingworth, Briana & Bryan Schulte, Amber Wong, Alex Japhet, Phyllis Warman, Margaret Christopher, Michael Daly, Maureen Peterson, Mike Biskup, Mari Jalbing, Niki Sherey Keenan, David O. Smith, The Pocock Women’s Team, Margaret Christopher, Chuck Desiderio, Tara Morgan, Holly Brunner, Rat Island Rowing Club, University of Washington Rowing, Rowing Archives, Pocock Racing Shells, Karen McElhinney, Traci Goodwin, Kirsten and Shaun Wiley, the PRC Coaches, Peter Blue, 8 Limbs Yoga, KEXP, Seattle Bouldering Project, Richard Myers, Tiffany Crane-Workman, Erin Ewart, Vanessa Sariego, Pamela Mulkern, Jesse Schumann, Harley Sitner, Tija Petrovich, Alex and Natalie Ivashkin, Rachel Moore, Arminda Phillips, Eat Local, Museum of Pop Culture, Erin McCaslin, Northwest Outdoor Center, Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Drum School of Music, Centrum Foundation, Mt. Baker Ski Area, the Space Needle LLC, Just Add Yoga, David Sullivan, Uffe Hellum, Leslie & Marty Kaplan, Total Wine & More, Natalie Lamberjack, Liese and Raj Rajesh, Sarah Hirst Smith, Bob Blade, Tillamook County Creamery Association, Sugar Mountain, Chukar Cherries, Dana Cashman & Glenn Pingul,James Buckmann, Jenna Garasi, Meghan Stuart-Miller, Emily Woo, Lesa Morrison Kuver, Michael Klebeck, Daleen Steichen, Mike & Jennifer Kavanagh, Pattie O’Loughlin, Carl Lee, McKinley and Margie Nicosia, 2Bar Spirits, DeLille Cellars, Efeste Winery, Maryhill Winery, Woodhouse Wine Estates,Team In Training Row Team, CedarSchemes, Mare Chapman, Andy Osborn, Delany Pelz, Katie MacDonald, Ted Kenned, the Cleland Family, Catherine Mirabile, Barbara Lisi, Mike Shelton, Jim Fox, Hank Koerner and Noah Seixas.


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