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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

“In rowing, it’s ok to look back as long as you keep moving forward.”Arshay Cooper, award winning author, motivational speaker, and rower

We’ve all heard of team building. Perhaps you think of a ropes course, a picnic, or an escape room. Or you think of a large conference room with awkward ice breakers and trust falls. We are not talking about any of those. We are talking about rowing.

Rowing is a powerful example of teamwork…

07.02.2017 /// by Mary Richardson /// Pocock Foundation

This month, in their 60th anniversary, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition awarded 60 leaders from around the country who improve the lives of others within their community through sports, physical activities, fitness, and nutrition-related programs. The Pocock Foundation is proud to share that our own Karla Landis, Deputy Director and pioneer of the Row to the Future Initiative, received one of these 2016 Community Leadership Awards.

“Ms. Landis has worked to consistently promote opportunities…

05.31.2016 /// by Haley Sive /// Erg Ed

At the 8th Annual Benefit Breakfast on March 18th, guests walked through a gallery, “Journey through Rowing”, which illustrated the path that many young people in our region take as they learn to row.

Learning to Row at School

Artist: Margaret Nicoisia
In the first semester of the ‘15-’16 school year, about 2,000 students learned how to row for the first time on an indoor rowing machine. They didn’t have to drive to a new place or register for…

03.23.2016 /// by Haley Sive /// Erg Ed

By Gina Head, Coach Across America Novice Girls Coach at Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center

On the surface, Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center is similar to many other rowing facilities: bays full of racing shells, a jungle of oars, rows of ergometers, lots of hard-working athletes, and a team of passionate coaches. When looking deeper, the passer-by will notice sailboats, kayaks, paddleboards, windsurfers, and more. Besides offering this huge range of outdoor water activities, Mount Baker has forged…

10.22.2015 /// by Guest Writer /// Pocock Foundation

Registration for the Corporate Cup Regatta closes next week Friday, July 17th!

The office space can be tough. Resisting the urge to check your phone every hour, facing the bad results of a report, or just restraining yourself from clobbering the needy interns: there is no doubt it takes discipline and strong bonds of teamwork to get through a day at work. In the July issue of WIRED Magazine, comedian, screenwriter, and Harvard alumna, Rashida Jones describes how she…

07.08.2015 /// by Haley Sive /// Pocock Foundation

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USRowing Northwest Junior Championships
Vancouver, WA
Friday, May 19 - Sunday, May 21

George Pocock Day
Seattle, WA
Saturday, July 15

Evening on the Docks | Renton Rowing Center Benefit
Renton, WA
Saturday, July 29

Corporate Cup Regatta
Green Lake in Seattle, WA
Saturday, August 19

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