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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

The world of novice coaching isn’t glorious. However, what novice coaching lacks in terms of harmonious boat movement, it makes up for in fundamentality and impact.

What a novice rower learns in their first year on the water will be a part of their rowing journey the rest of life. Coaches that work in the novice realm of our sport deserve more glory than they get; they are laying the cornerstone.

The Pocock…

11.03.2016 /// by Guest Writer /// Pocock Foundation

“On the water, sitting bow seat in an eight, my musical world and childhood merged; rowing in a team boat was the closest thing that’s ever come to playing chamber music, like being in a string quartet, that I’d ever experienced without actually playing music,” Kim Zabelle, concert violinist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet, reflected on her very first day on the water.

Kim had dreamed of trying rowing since childhood. She spent many mornings…

03.07.2016 /// by Guest Writer /// Pocock Foundation

This weekend, the Pocock Foundation is pleased to welcome Marsa Daniel as the guest lecturer for the Masters Rowing Workshop at NW Ergomania.  Marsa spent 12 years coaching collegiate rowing at top Division I, II and III programs across the country. A collegiate rower turned distance runner and cyclist, Marsa has now ventured into the small business world so she can fuse her love for rowing and cycling. Her expertise is well highlighted in her list of credentials and studies and she uses them…

02.01.2016 /// by Guest Writer /// NW Ergomania

This article was written by Zoe Vais, Communications and Development Coordinator. 

This summer at World Rowing Championships, all eyes were fixed on the USA women’s team as they rang in a 10th consecutive gold, but impressive performances were had across the field for the U.S. Among them was the U.S.A. Men’s Lightweight Eight. The lightweight men made a resounding comeback from last year’s performance, when the LM8+ finished in last place a whole ten seconds behind the lead boat. This…

10.05.2015 /// by Guest Writer /// Pocock Foundation

This fall, the Pocock Foundation welcomes three new staff members to its team. All three of the women, who joined us at the end of August, will be working both behind the scenes in the office and on the front lines of the Foundation as coaches. They also share the common bond of the Pacific Northwest; all three of them spent their four years of study as undergraduates at nearby universities.

Jessica Asbridge takes on the role of Events and…

09.10.2015 /// by Guest Writer /// All

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