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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

Meet the Gates Foundation and CityMD  ‒ Two very different organizations, Global Development and Emergency Medicine, with the same goal: to WIN the 2017 Corporate Cup. Or at the least, to finish the 500m rowing sprint with their smiles and integrity firmly intact.

Eight employees from each organization have spent the summer learning to row and gearing up to compete in the Corporate Cup Regatta. The race takes place tomorrow, August 19th…

08.17.2017 /// by Emily Smalligan /// Pocock Foundation

“In rowing, it’s ok to look back as long as you keep moving forward.”Arshay Cooper, award winning author, motivational speaker, and rower

We’ve all heard of team building. Perhaps you think of a ropes course, a picnic, or an escape room. Or you think of a large conference room with awkward ice breakers and trust falls. We are not talking about any of those. We are talking about rowing.

Rowing is a powerful example of teamwork…

07.02.2017 /// by Mary Richardson /// Pocock Foundation

The world of novice coaching isn’t glorious. However, what novice coaching lacks in terms of harmonious boat movement, it makes up for in fundamentality and impact.

What a novice rower learns in their first year on the water will be a part of their rowing journey the rest of life. Coaches that work in the novice realm of our sport deserve more glory than they get; they are laying the cornerstone.

The Pocock…

11.03.2016 /// by Haley Sive /// Pocock Foundation

“On the water, sitting bow seat in an eight, my musical world and childhood merged; rowing in a team boat was the closest thing that’s ever come to playing chamber music, like being in a string quartet, that I’d ever experienced without actually playing music,” Kim Zabelle, concert violinist for the Pacific Northwest Ballet, reflected on her very first day on the water.

Kim had dreamed of trying rowing since childhood. She spent many mornings…

03.07.2016 /// by Haley Sive /// Pocock Foundation

This weekend, the Pocock Foundation is pleased to welcome Marsa Daniel as the guest lecturer for the Masters Rowing Workshop at NW Ergomania.  Marsa spent 12 years coaching collegiate rowing at top Division I, II and III programs across the country. A collegiate rower turned distance runner and cyclist, Marsa has now ventured into the small business world so she can fuse her love for rowing and cycling. Her expertise is well highlighted in her list of credentials and studies and she uses them…

02.01.2016 /// by Guest Writer /// NW Ergomania

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