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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

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Learn to row or just take out a boat! Start rowing at the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle today.

Becoming a rower really brought out things in me I didn’t know or was not necessarily sure I had within myself.

I am Etnna, 15 years old and row for Mount Baker as a Jr. Varsity girl and this is my rowing story thus far.

For most of my life I have played a variety of sports such as cheer, track, and basketball to name a few and have enjoyed taking part in them, but I never really felt connected or…

08.15.2018 /// by Guest Writer /// Pocock Foundation

Join or Renew for rowing programs at Pocock Rowing Center and Renton Rowing Center:


Fall Rowing Opportunities at the Pocock Rowing Center! 

Youth and Adult rowing programs for beginners are available for registration now.

Visit our registration site HERE to create or log in to your account and learn more about program schedule,…

08.08.2018 /// by Zoe Vais /// Pocock Foundation

Hi! I’m Gem Gatmaytan and I’m an incoming freshman. I have been rowing at Pocock for about a year now. My best friend’s mom asked me if I was interested last summer and I just went for it.

I’d never found a sport I truly loved until crew. It was a sport that just let me feel so relaxed despite the exhaustion after each practice, and the community made me feel good about it. After the two week summer camp,…

07.24.2018 /// by Karla Landis /// Pocock Foundation

Happy Pocock Day! In honor of the life and legacies of George and Stan Pocock, the PRC community spent the morning reflecting on the notion that the act of rowing – the beauty of it, the difficulty of doing it well, and with others, somehow has a positive influence on our lives, and how we work with other people. As rowers, we know rowing is an incredibly powerful bridge between individuals and we witnessed this connection at today’s Pocock…

07.14.2018 /// by Karla Landis /// Pocock Foundation

In honor of the new Sarah Hirst Smith II racing shell that was dedicated this weekend, we asked Sarah to submit a short essay on her background and connection to PRC. From her start on the elite sculling team under the tutelage of Julie McCleery and Emil Kossev, to her own coaching success at Pocock, to her current place on the MC and Women’s Master’s Team, Sarah is an integral member of PRC and its legacy.

I moved to Seattle…

07.14.2018 /// by Karla Landis /// Pocock Foundation

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