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Imagine What Youth Can Do With No Limits

For those of you who have been to this event before, because of your support over the years, the Pocock Foundation has invested more than $1 million dollars on program development and support services so more kids can row. To our new friends who will be joining us for the first time in 2018, welcome.

The 2018 Breakfast is The Breakfast Challenge – At last year’s event, one generous family, and recipient of the 2017 Synergy Award, challenged the room to double the number of guests in 2018 from 300 attendees to 600 attendees. If we achieve this milestone, the family will donate $200,000 directly to Row to the Future. The success of this challenge will be determined by the total number of RSVPs.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Where is the spiritual value of rowing? … The losing of self entirely to the cooperative effort of the crew as a whole.George Yeoman Pocock


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