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Advocates for Youth in Rowing


What is AYR?

The AYR consists of young professionals who row or have rowed. They believe in the power of this sport to shape the lives of young people. They want to see more people learn and grow through rowing.

The AYR exists to support the vision of the Pocock Foundation: everyone has the chance to row and strive for excellence on the water.

The AYR hosts social gatherings and networking events for young professionals to share their love of the sport. The goal of these events is to create a more connected, passionate, supportive community of rowers in our city.

Become A Member

Each AYR member contributes a minimum membership fee of $60 each year (or $5 per month) to the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. Membership contributions are 100% tax-deductible.



“I am afraid rowing would die out if altruism vanished from mankind.” George Yeoman Pocock


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